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Worship Leader Sean Feucht faces opposition over LA New Year’s events, but WE STAND WITH HIM!

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Missionary and Christian activist Sean Feucht, who has been at the center of several large health mandates defying Christian gatherings since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, is now at odds with the tyrannical leaders in Los Angeles who oppose his two-day New Year’s worship event that kicked off on Skid Row. But WE STAND WITH HIM!

Local activists like Jenna Kyle with the Poor People’s Campaign called Feucht’s services a “super spreader event.” Meanwhile, the same people were silent when thousands rioted and looted just a few months back in the same area. Their hypocrisy continues.

“They’re coming in with no masks, no social distance. They haven’t done either in their past events. Chicago tried to shut them down. New Orleans put out a statement that they regretted that they ever allowed the event to occur,” Kyle said. That’s because no one can shut GOD DOWN!

Worshipers gathered on Skid Row on Wednesday to sing praises and distribute meals to the homeless. Feucht said they were “assaulted with smoke bombs, pepper spray & death threats.” A sad testament to the reality of the demonic attack and the battle we are in. A battle between light and darkness. The worshipers gathered anyway and gave praise to the Living God!

“The world will tell you to not push in, not minister, not gather. But JESUS pushed in, He ministered, He gathered. Don’t be discouraged. FOLLOW JESUS!” he wrote on Facebook.

Those who gathered for worship — some with masks and some without — were met by a blockade of cars and others opposed to the outdoor event. This truly shows the demons are angry! They don’t want the people of God worshiping! The enemy is defeated in Jesus name!

Southern California extended its tyrannical and unjustuified stay-at-home order due to “an unprecedented surge in cases and hospitalizations.” While people are ordered to remain home and not mix with other households, outdoor activities are allowed for places of worship and political expression.

“We’re just coming, and we’re just praising,” Hina Sheik told CBSLA. “We’re not doing anything that’s illegal, we’re not doing anything that’s harming anyone.”

Feucht has been leading “Let Us Worship” events across the country, calling out real “abuses of religious liberty” amid the pandemic and calling on the Church to rise up. He led an event in New Orleans last month that attracted thousands of people who mostly did not wear masks or practice social distancing, thank God! What a concept!

This is a real season of seperation between the sheep and the goats. We see who is willing to allow fear to rule them, and who will stand. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! We stand with you Sean! Keep up the great work!


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