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Will you praise Him in the storm?

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Words cannot fully express the enormity of the season we are in right now. It’s what I like to say is, “the best of times, and the worst of times, at the same time.”

As we look at what’s happening from a spiritual standpoint, it is clearly a battle of light versus darkness that’s raging right before our eyes. The lines have been clearly drawn. It’s like the Bible is literally coming to life and playing out in real-time.

What an exciting time to be alive! We were made for a time as this! It’s no mistake we are here right now! The harvest is ripe and God wants to move around the Earth in miracles, signs, and wonders! I believe we will see a powerful end-time harvest! God has already begun to move in this way.

We also simultaneously are seeing a rise in the spirit of anti-Christ, an uptick in religious persecution, reading troubling apocalyptic sounding headlines, witnessing Orwellian-type censorship, hearing ominous warnings, & powerful prophetic utterances…all at once….each clearly showing us that we are indeed truly in unprecedented times!

While we still hold fast to the of God and continue to pray this through—fast, repent, and call upon the name of the Lord for a breakthrough in this nation, I have come to a place that I believe is a game-changer for me personally. It was a very freeing moment when I made this proclamation to the Lord.
Let me explain…

While engaging in a 40-day fast last month, God visited me in such a way that I have not experienced in 20 years of ministry. I felt His presence and glory so powerfully and knew He was speaking directly to my heart as I stood in His presence. It was defining moment. Then He asked me if I was willing to praise Him…” even in the storm”.

This means that no matter what…I will still praise Him…I will still serve Him…I will never stop being a sold-out and on-fire child of the Most High God no matter what happens! Period. In other words despite what is going on around me or yet to come, I am operating as a “citizen of heaven” and know that I am just passing through in this world. We get to rule and reign for eternity with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! We are on the winning team! We go into battle from a position of victory! Think about that. That’s who we are. No matter what.

And yes, the answer was a no-brainer…I WILL praise Him in this storm…I’m all in no matter what! I have made my decision. There is no turning back! My life belongs to God. I am here to show up and simply say “send me, I’ll go”. That’s it. We don’t only serve God in good times…We press in even deeper in times like this. We feel God. We know He is with us…even right now.

Here is the deal…do I believe God is going to move? Yes, I do.

Do I believe God responds to the prayers of the righteous? Yes, I do.

Thank you Jesus for a breaktrough!

But even if we go right into more perilous times…we must be planted on the solid rock. I know God is in control. My desire is to be about His business and end well someday. Think of how powerful God is. That’s who we are talking about! What an honor and a privilege to serve Him in this hour.

Yes Lord, we will praise You in this storm!


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