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Will President Trump win? We ask Pastor Todd Coconato what he thinks as it stands today…

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

That’s still a good question! I am praying about this. I do feel like the president has a plan. He wants to do this in a constitutional way…at least exhaust all options so that the public sees the level of corruption.
I think he leads the media down different rabbit holes so they go crazy about one thing, and meanwhile, he is working on something else. 4D chess. While he is doing this, he continues to release more and more information to the public to educate them. (Mass awareness and awakening)

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I don’t personally think Pence will save the day…I hope he does…he would be wise to do so…he would be an American hero…and he would probably be a future president if he did…but I am not sure he will. That being said, I think this president is a winner. He always has a plan. It’s funny how people count him down and out when he almost always ends up on his feet.

I do know he has all the evidence.

He may be waiting for the right moment to strike. The traitors are being exposed daily. The chess board is becoming increasingly more clear. Some (R’s) now exposed too—look at McConnell. I’ve never seen more prayer, fasting, and unity in the remnant church (the real Body) in my life. The prophets also seem very unified.

In my gut, and spirit, I feel God will give us more time. Not that we deserve it, but only in His grace. The American Christians are not prepared for the persecution that is at our doorstep and there is a righteous remnant that are crying out to the Lord for mercy. This is why I believe He will respond. If He doesn’t, then we will know we have passed the season of reprieve and I believe it will be a clear indication that things will accelerate pretty rapidity.

My instruction from the Lord is to “pray this through” until it’s over. I have given my word that is what I will do.
I’m thankful God has connected us all to stand together as the other drop off! We are the #Remnant

Either way…we will serve God. Either way, we are sold out! Our life belongs to God. Our heart belongs to God.

Either way, we will stand until the end.


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