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Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! A word for American Christians…

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Written by Pastor Todd Coconato

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!”
This scripture has a whole new meaning after God gave me a revelation on it. It is a now word for our country…

Let me explain…

I’m convinced that people do NOT want to hear the same old same old anymore. They are not dumb. They are seeking the truth! Many are researching and looking hard to find information. They know something is happening. They want answers!

As we go around America and talk to the good folks….they are hungry for the truth! The whole truth! They are looking for “lions and generals” in the faith who are bold and unafraid and who will stand and speak out. We are in a new wine season and yet some are still trying to use the old wine skin! We can’t.

Too many are still acting as if it’s “business as usual”. They don’t get it yet. It’s not!

It’s the anointing that breaks the yoke!

We need anointed leaders that are empowered by the Holy Spirit and who are walking in the flow! People who are spending time in the secret place! Praying, fasting, and walking in the fullness!

There has been a major shift in our world…and in the Body! We are not going back.

The church will NOT be going back to the way it was. At least not the way it’s been the last 20-30 years or so…things are never going back that way. That season is over. (The Bible hasn’t changed, Jesus hasn’t changed, the truth hasn’t changed, it’s just people stopped speaking the full Bible—now it’s time to get back to the full truth!)

People no longer want to follow leaders that don’t say anything about anything. I mean let’s be honest…there are some churches where you can tune-in in 2021 and it’s almost like the same exact sermon could have been played in 1999 and you would not even know the difference! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Powerless. Dry bones. No!

Others closed down for so long…how can we follow them anymore? We can’t. Again, we need leaders who will boldly lead us into a season where we take back the territory for the Kingdom of God! Those who will lead us into this great harvest of souls and an end time move of the Spirit! A great revival! The greatest we have ever seen on this planet! This is how we will change the nation!

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! We need the Spirit of the Lord! Plain and simple! Discernment…wisdom…favor…divine strategy…power…authority…all of it! Jesus!!!!!! 🔥

In these “same old, same old” ministries there is almost no mention of the fact that there is an attempted communist takeover of our country! (and a demonic globalist agenda!) There is no mention that they are trying to force feed us a bunch of lies and cancel those who tell the truth! I mean what about protecting the people and setting them up for success? That’s the role of a real shepherd! That means we have to address these things! We can’t worry about what people will say! What in the world would make someone think they should just ignore it all??? Seriously!

There is no pushback from these weak leaders to the fact that the same people want to label more and more of core Christian doctrine as “hate” and lie to us about basic things like marriage, gender, and biblical values and principles that we have always known are right…hello! Wake up! We have to address such things! Now! Not to even mention what they are teaching our kids!!! We must push back NOW!

This is not the hour for silence! We are silent no more!

God is raising up a remnant army of bold and courageous truth tellers who He will anoint and release to the nations. Fire starters! Anointed and appointed men and women of God!

The hour is late. It’s go time. It’s now or never! If someone remains silent, I honestly think they will either be removed or somehow lose their position! God has grace, but also must protect His own! He is coming back for a church without spot nor wrinkle. And He is coming soon!

The age of “motivational speaker” pastors must go! The age fog machines and light shows must stop! The age of seeker-friendlyism, hyper grace, and church growth seminars must end now! If you want to go and be a motivational speaker or run a Christian club, than do it! But don’t call yourself a shepherd…because that’s not the role of a shepherd! A shepherd is meant to speak the truth boldly and disciple, mentor, and lead those in the flock in righteousness.

When the real leaders spend time in the secret place and walk in the flow of the anointing, the whole atmosphere shifts. We have the power to change things—including what’s going on in our country. We have the authority to drive out the demons and devils! It’s the truth that sets the captive free!

When the Spirit of the Lord is allowed to move in the church, and the leaders are walking in the anointing, then there will be power! It’s that power that will shake the demonic to the core! Then, freedom will be the result!

What I am saying is, when the church is empowered things will change! No longer will there be this demonic communist assault on our country. Freedom will result as godlessness contracts! As God is reintroduced to our culture and society—many things will be reset! The evil and wickedness will be overcome. Hallelujah!

Do you see the revelation? When the church is empowered, freedom is the fruit! When the church is absent or weak, then we lose our freedoms! This is why we need bold and anointed leaders…as we transition into where we should be, everything will change! I believe this is what we are headed into. This will be a major course correction.

It’s a God thing. It’s a now thing…

And as all of this continues, it will become more and more clear that we are not going back to business as usual ever again! We can’t!

Freedoms will come and come back as we allow the Spirit to move! This is why we need to get to this place! And that starts in the secret place!

We must be anointed…then we can take back this country! The time for this is right now!


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