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What’s really going on right now…

I’m going to lay this out so it’s really simple and everyone can understand it.

Joe Biden did NOT win the election.

Joe is trying and attempting (with his deepstate handlers) to steal the election. The media is helping him to project a win. That’s what it is…projection!

It’s very simple.

Here is what they did:

  1. They used a software that takes 3% of the votes and changes them from Trump to Biden. It’s called “dominion” also, operation hammer or “scorecard”. You will find out more about this in the coming days and weeks.
  2. They used massive mail in ballot fraud. [Millions] So many of the mail in votes are illegitimate, fraudulent votes. Joe did not win by some “landslide” at all. In fact his turnout was actually pretty pathetic without adding in all the fake ballots.

So now we have to take this to court. We will show it all. We will prove it all.

Don’t believe the fake news media. They are liars.

President Trump is not going to concede to the Lefts fake attempt to steal our Republic! This is a complete sham.

Have faith. Pray. Fast. And #praythisthrough


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