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What we think will happen in time…

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Remnant News

Let’s look at track records today, because in our research, we are going to make another probable prediction based on what we have gathered these last few months of extensive investigation.

Below are just a few things we talked about before that you will recall if you have followed for a while.

Now, we don’t get everything 100% correct, but we far outpace the ‘mainstream’ corporate media in our analysis and reporting. I think most can see that to be the truth by now. Why? Because we are real investigative reporters who actually hold to a high standard of facts, evidence, real data, and truth!

Past reporting and things we have said…

  1. COV-19 reporting was being inflated. The death -prediction models were not even close to reality.

Time has proved this to be truth ✅

  1. The Russian collusion story was false. Trump would not be implicated despite two years of fake news and bombshell reports almost every Friday.

Time has proven this to be truth ✅

  1. Hydroxyclhoroquine works in many cases and is effective as a treatment for COV-19.

Time has proven this to be truth. ✅

  1. Andrew Cuomo put elderly COV-19 patients into nursing homes.

Time has proven this to be truth. ✅

  1. The impeachment hearings would not produce an impeachment by both the house and the senate. President Trump was innocent of charges when it comes to the Ukraine phone call accusation.

Time has proven this to be truth. ✅

  1. The Coronavirus was most likely man-made and not from the wet-market as originally reported.

Time has proven this to be truth ✅

We could go on and on. I think you get the point.

Now, here is our latest finding that we predict at some point will be established as the truth…

The 2020 election results were not as they are currently being reported. Ample verifiable evidence points to this fact. The evidence is more than any real reporter would need to break such a story. Also, the evidence is more than what would be needed for a court to come to this conclusion should the evidence ever be presented based on merit.

In conclusion, we do not believe the current narrative will be the last. We believe history will show differently as this plays out.

Sometimes things take time to surface. This may take a while. Maybe years even. (Hopefully not!) But eventually something will break. That’s because you can’t hide something so big. There are too many that know.

We were called crazy for each of the stories above when they first came out, yet here we are today. Most people would not argue us on those facts now.

This is simply because we report based on facts, data, evidence, and truth. No other reason.

The wheels of justice sometimes take time.

I believe God has seen what has happened. The world is watching. I am going to continue to pray that what was done in darkness will be brought to the light.

Time is the best truth teller. This is why there is a wall around DC.

Guilty people know they are guilty.

Pray, fast, repent, keep the faith. God is on the throne. He responds to the prayers of the righteous.

If nothing does come out of this story, it will be the biggest theft and unreported crime in our nation’s history.


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