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“Voices of truth”

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

God is raising up voices that have something to say and who aren’t afraid to say it…
In this season of “shaking” and period of disruption in the church, nation, and world…God is raising up key voices who have an important Spirit-breathed message embedded in their soul specifically meant for this hour. It’s a bold message and there is no holding it back.

Although they have names, they point to God—He gets the glory—they are humble and authentic. They desire to speak a much-needed message of truth in an hour of disinformation, lies, corruption, and confusion.

These voices are anointed. Appointed. Confident in Christ which comes from a deep personal relationship—faith—trust—and commitment! They have a real prayer life! Many have walked through the refiner’s fire. They are fighters!
Voices…It’s different than anything we have seen in this generation. They are not your typical 5-fold ministry believers. These are lions and generals. Real remnant warriors! Made for wartime!

🔹They are in all sectors and walks of life and society—from the marketplace to the music industry…
🔹 New types of leaders and preachers who are bold and unashamed, yet speaking a pure and needed gospel message of power, repentance, and authority—real reformers!
🔹Walking in the anointing and fire of the Holy Spirit!

The separation of the wheat and the tares continues. Exposure continues also in an accelerated manner.
There is a desire to return back to what is holy, righteous, and pure. The momentum has been building. People are seeking. They are looking for what is real and authentic. They have their eyes opening! Many are awakening now!

◾️There is a deep yearning for justice.
◾️There is a quickening of sorts.
◾️Something is happening and the Spirit of God is on the move!

Hold on! ✅
Hold the line! ✅
Don’t give up…

New life! Speak to the dry bones! 🔥

Deep cries out to deep. These voices have a message. A timely word for this hour. They were made for this time. They are unique and passionate about their mission. God’s hand is upon them!

As they speak and stand for truth, the message spreads. More people awaken, and the cycle continues!
God is raising up an end-time generation of revival voices of truth. It’s going to be powerful to see how this develops!

These voices have a message.

A message of truth!

And the truth sets the captive free!

Are you a voice of truth?

I believe God is ready to use you. It’s time to take our positions and stand!


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