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Urgent: Pastor Todd Coconato makes statement on use of “Vaccine Passports”…

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Urgent: Pastor Todd Coconato makes statement on use of “Vaccine Passports”: The plan they have to roll out these “vaccine passports” is NOT government run (at least on the surface) in most cases here in the US other than New York and a few other places. What I mean is, it’s a covert plan to use the corporations. This is what we need to understand. It was never planned here in the US as a government roll-out. They knew the people would not accept that. So what they are doing is once again trying to use the corporations. Similar to how they use them to censor us—To deplatform certain individuals that go against their narrative. Think about the social media and tech companies for example.

What I have seen in my investigation of these vaccine passports is that there are a minimum of 3 major companies that are in the early roll-out stage of app development in this project. It appears one of them is working directly as a surrogate of the World Economic Forum. (WEC) What does this mean? To me, it is another stage in a larger plan. Something that they had in the works for quite some time and that also works in tandem with UN agenda 2030. Will you need one of these corporate vaccine passports? Yes and no. Meaning, I personally will do all I can not to get one, and I suggest we all push back and fight this. What they will try to do however is limit your ability to do certain things if you don’t have one. For example—fly. What I foresee is at some point to fly on a commercial carrier, you will need to either have some recent immunity testing or a vaccine passport. The reason I have come to this conclusion is because I see that one of the three main passport apps that is being created is being developed to be used by what they themselves say “all airlines”. To me that suggests that is their plan.

Other areas where you may need this could be in working at certain jobs. For instance school teachers, nurses and other public service type jobs may require this same standard of testing and passport requirements. However, any of these “woke” type corporations like Coca-Cola could require its employees to disclose their vaccine status. This seems to break HIPAA laws, but they may consider an amendment or go around the law completely due to the “pandemic”. They most certainly could also be considered for some international travel and are already in use in Israel and other countries.

For these reasons, I believe that it is imperative that state governments, legislators and governors MUST push back immediately as Florida has done and impose an immediate emergency law or executive order that absolutely and clearly bans ALL use of vaccine passports by ANY company or entity in the state. A complete ban is what is needed—not ambiguous rhetoric. This is serious folks.

The current status in the state of Tennessee is not enough. This is a critical issue and we must all bombard our state legislators and governors offices! We cannot cave on this as it will certainly affect many of us and change our ability to live freely if this is allowed and implemented as planned. What we also must understand is this is in direct violation of the constitution of the United States and this is why they have chosen the corporations as the administers of the passport roll-out.


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