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Updates on the 2020 Election and more…

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Just in case you haven’t heard some of what happened today on the news. Here is a short list:

1 – It is almost assured that the SCOTUS will hear the TX vs. PA case. This is HUGE! Unlike other cases that eventually end up at the Supreme Court from appeals being made because of lower court decisions, this case is ‘ORIGINAL’ not ‘APPELLATE’. You can only get ORIGINAL jurisdiction in SCOTUS in a dispute between the states.

1a- Being an ‘ORIGINAL’ case means that SCOTUS will hear arguments and have the evidence presented to them. Some of the lower courts in the other cases refused to even look at the evidence and dismissed them outright. So when those cases are appealed with SCOTUS they don’t look at the evidence either, they only look at what the lower court did, that’s what they would rule on. This “ONE BIG BEAUTIFUL CASE” however, will allow evidence to be submitted and heard!

1b – As of 8:30pm est Dec. 9th, at least 17 other states have now joined in with TX. The suit is against PA, MI, WI and GA. (links in comments to read the submission.) These defendants have until Thursday 3pm to file their defense brief. The overall argument is that the election in the Defendant states were carried out unconstitutionally and that infringes on the rights of citizens in their states in a Federal Election. Those 17 states are:-Alabama-Arkansas-Florida-Indiana-Kansas-Louisiana-Mississippi- Missouri -Montana-Nebraska -North Dakota-Oklahoma-South Carolina-South Dakota-Tennessee-Utah-West Virginia

2 – You probably heard in the news that SCOTUS ruled 9-0 to deny another suit being brought from Sean Parnell in PA. The media is wildly misconstruing what happened here. SCOTUS did not deny the CASE. They only denied a particular ask in the case which was for an expedited overturning of PA certification. The actual CASE is still on the docket. Furthermore, the above-mentioned case may just take care of this case anyway. Just want to point out the fake news reporting. (more in comments.)

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3 – I don’t watch the news so I am not sure what these C_A assets are telling you all (I only see clips here and there) but there has been a TON of exposure on multiple government officials and their ties to Ch1na… here’s one: Democrat U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell has been removed from House Intel Committee after Ch1n3s3 spy link is found. It was more than just an innocent link.

4 – ANTITRUST ACTION: Lawsuits from the FTC and 48 states accuse Facebook of illegally using its power for more than a decade to push out rivals and buy out rising competitors. (more in comments.)

5 – Finally they are reporting that Hunter B1den is under investigation since 2018. Again, fake news finally has to start admitting some of these things.

6 – Michigan state representative Cynthia Johnson stripped of her assignments and under investigation for her threats against Trump supporters posted on social media last night. (more in comments.)updated 12:43am

7 – I knew there was something I forgot – After Denying for years that there was any evidence that the FBI had investigated Seth Rich’s Murder they have just admitted that they have over 20,000 pages of documents and his laptop.

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