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Two separate cyber-attacks or one in the same? And what does it all mean? We break it down…

by | Dec 19, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

There were two cyber attack events apparently. Let me explain…

One was the foreign interference in the 2020 election, and the other was the massive hack with Solar Winds. It is not unimaginable that there could be a distinct relationship with the two, or that they are one in the same…but I’ll detail them both below.

I am always skeptical when the intel community points to Russia, as we all know the Russian collusion story was a complete hoax. We also know that the DNC server was not “hacked by Russia” but instead was obtained from the thumb drive of Seth Rich. More to come on this soon…

Often, the democrats and deepstate operatives have pointed to Russia as their boogieman, so that we would not look at the real global threat of China.

During the 2020 elections there is credible intelligence that the “white-hat hackers” witnessed backdoor activity that is known as “having the packets” of back and forth traffic which suggests that there was interference from China, Iran and that also included a Canadian outfit, hackers in Serbia and a connection with Venezuela. Also, the CIA. (from Germany) In this case (the election) we have not necessarily made the connection to Russia yet, but sometimes sophisticated hackers can also route traffic through other countries to make it appear as though it comes from elsewhere.

In the Solar Winds cyber attack, there is more credible intelligence to suggest it could be from Russia. This is surprising to me as Russia would almost assuredly know that we would be able to detect their efforts. One must ask why they would do this if so, and is it the government of Russia? Or private hackers in Russia?

It would be a potential act of war if Russia truly did this, however, I am still personally very skeptical of this as I believe the CIA could also set something up to make it look like Russia in order to push us into war. This is not unprecedented, especially when they are fighting for their lives as our military intelligence can see that they have been operating covertly against our own election. (The CIA I mean)

The president has to weigh this all out and navigate through it while still fighting a major battle for our Republic here at home. We cannot be hasty in our response. We need to have all the information. It’s known that the CIA (who in many ways are rouge at this point) and those in the deepstate would like to start a conflict to avoid their own takedown. The timing certainly is very suspect. Why now?

I am no fan of Russia. Let me be clear, if we find that they truly did this attack, then we need to respond in a measurable way. But it’s always wise to wait and see and get all the information first. And what about the countries involved in the election attack? Why would the media not want to address that attack?

Right now we need to defend our own country from the attempted coup and communist takeover that is extremely urgent and ongoing and in which unless we intervene immediately and bring back the rule of law, could truly take down our country.

I always say, “pick and choose your battles”! We need to look at all options and also what is at stake and weigh this in how we navigate this very complex situation. This requires continued prayer and fasting.


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