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The War On Your Mind & How To Win It Today!

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

There is a war on our minds… It’s everywhere we go. It’s on everything we watch on TV. We have to come out from among them. This teaching will explain how to do just that and much more.

What is a reprobate mind?

The phrase “reprobate mind” is found in Romans 1:28 in reference to those whom God has rejected as godless and wicked. They “suppress the truth by their wickedness,” and it is upon these people that the wrath of God rests (Romans 1:18). The Greek word translated “reprobate” in the New Testament is adokimos, which means literally “unapproved, that is, rejected; by implication, worthless (literally or morally).”

Learn more about this by listening to this very important video that will set you up for success in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Todd Coconato breaks it all down on today’s show. You can visit Pastor Todd’s website at www.ToddCoconato.com

****Special clips from Pastor Jentezen Franklin. His website is: www.freechapel.org

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