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The United States is being called to repentance. Will we repent now?

I awoke this morning with a heavy heart despite some significant breakthrough over the course of the 24 hours. Yes, the needle is being moved, praise God–But we still have much more to accomplish in order to win this current battle. It can only be accomplished by a powerful move of God’s Holy Spirit and a praying church. This is why we are praying so hard! We must continue to “pray it through”!

I believe God is putting us before the “courts of man”. It is almost like we are on trial as a nation. Our future hangs in the balance. Which course will we take? The Church in America has the power to determine the outcome. Will we step up in this very critical time and call upon the name of the Lord? We will get on our knees and ask for mercy? Will we war in the Spirit for this nation? This needs to happen right now! Many people still don’t understand the darkness that would happen under a Biden/Kamala reign. Time is running out. Now is the time to step up!

After a powerful phone call, it became clear that God was affirming something that has been on my heart for quite some time. There needs to be a “national repentance“. As you probably know, the president has already asked for the people of God to be praying right now as we stand at the crossroads of two very starkly different paths. One is very dark, while the other could bring tremendous hope and freedom to be about God’s business as a church. Either way, the church will remain, but the conditions will be very different under one type of leader vs. the other.

Prayer is good, so is fasting. We need to be doing these things. But at this point, it may not be enough to resolve the nation’s very deep problems. Prayer alone may not turn the judgment against America or stop the attacks and plagues that are hitting us. We need to change course. Scripture is clear that the solution is repentance. Turn away from our sin-especially as a Body of Christ! This is a hard word.

Most Americans, do not think in terms of repentance, although the word has become much more mainstream in recent months–This is good. Hundreds of thousands of us recently congregated in Washington, DC, and did in fact repent. Thank you to those who put that event together and also those who went or prayed at home. But this needs to happen all throughout the Body of Christ. We truly need to turn from our wickedness. Now is the time. God will respond as we do this. This is why the church has the authority to affect the outcome here. The ball is in our court.

Many just want God to bless us–even in our sin. We have allowed tremendous compromise to take place. Sometimes even certain good-hearted Christians, who have not been properly mentored or discipled, can be uninformed of how to truly make an impact. They can also be at a disadvantage because of not having studied the Bible, as they do not know the full extent of sin that we should repent of. This is why it’s important to go to a remnant church and sit under a paster that is willing to teach the full Bible–especially in this hour. John tells us that “sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4), and Paul tells us that we would be ignorant of the definition of sin, except for our knowledge of the law (Romans 3:20).

Scripture also speaks of “the fear of the Lord” (Psalm 111:10). This does not mean that we ought to be afraid of God. It means that we ought to recognize Him as the Holy God over the nation, our lives…i.e., “one nation under God.” Sin has consequences. The bible says “the wages of sin are death”.

Repentance is a turning away from sin. Not to go back into it. It’s a change of course. That’s what this nation truly needs right now is a change of course. Pastors need to be preaching this. We need to be living it out!

In summation, we are being called on behalf of the nation and the church to repent. and yes, to PRAY and to FAST!

First and foremost is to repent for the secularization of America. From the compromise and lack of biblical integrity as a people. For the lawlessness and killing of the innocent. For the redefinition of the family unity and the walking away from morality.

Historically God has not been separate in the way we have governed this nation, but to the contrary, we were founded on the principles of God’s word. God and “religion”/faith have always been a huge part of government here in America. The President has said the same thing, supporting and attending pro-life rallies and often speaking of the importance of our faith. President Trump has been one of the most pro-life presidents of our time.

We have had decades of leadership who have pushed God and our faith out of everything and who officially turned America away from God. They reinterpreted the intentions of our founders to mean that we were to eliminate God from the government and our schools. They failed to tell the people that one of the first bills Congress passed when our nation was established was to supply every home and school with a Bible.

The founders had no intention of eliminating God from government and educational institutions, yet the modern socialists/secularist’s system and agenda have violated God’s law in so many ways. Former President Obama went as far as to say “we are no longer a Christian nation”.

President Trump has pushed back against those who have wished to remove God from everything as he has partnered with faith leaders to reestablish the biblical foundation of America and turn us back to the principles and morals of God’s word. But is it too little, too late? Only time will tell. I believe God wants us to step up right now and repent as a church and a nation.

At the present time, this president is in a war. The winner of this war will determine the future of this country. It’s a spiritual battle and YES WE CAN WIN IT.

President Trump has been the nation’s most powerful warrior of recent times in standing up against the deep state, the socialist’s communists, the corruption, and the anti-God agenda, and all of their wicked plans. He is standing for LIFE and Religious liberties and freedoms and our constitution. He is fighting for you and I and our children’s future. Now is the time to stand with him. This battle is a spiritial battle and we can win this.

Here is the way to win…PRAYER, FASTING & REPENTANCE!

So let us pray….


Written by Pastor Todd Coconato www.ToddCoconato.com

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  1. Frank Krull

    Let’s pray

    But also allow/accept God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven

    I can repent and I can’t make others repent. God allows for that and will judge their hearts answers actions.

    Half this country bought into a lie because of the media twisting the words and Actions of President Trump into a false narrative. There are to many voices out there claiming they are truthful, each pointing at each other as lying.

    Each person is responsible for their own choices of who they listen too. The fact is some of those leaders believe the constitution is to be changed in these modern times, while some believe just the opposite. Trump did lead but instead of following him they tried to discredit, resist and remove him with lies. So what does that say about the liars and the believers of those lies.

    Revelations says judgement is coming. Yes we need to pray and repent, but most of all walk with the Lord though the mess and results of our corporate sin. This has been building for years of disobedience to God’s word


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