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The reversal of the Democrats decree—a modern day story of Haman.

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

The reversal of the decree of the democrats. A modern day story of Haman.

America has been fooled. We have been told that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. The mainstream media has inundated us with reports and a constant stream of propaganda pounding this all into our heads each day, even before the election has been properly tabulated, counted, and certified.

As a result of what we have been told, many Christians are concerned that a great persecution will come to the American church…and rightfully so! We should all be concerned and sounding the alarm from the rooftops right now. Any freedom loving American patriot should be! They are literally trying to steal our country out from under us. This is nothing short of a communist revolution! They have rigged the results of an election in their favor and are trying to pretend as if this has not taken place. The evidence is abundantly clear.

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We know what the Democrats want—at least some of us do. The people that have studied their agenda and read their platform are aware of what is at stake…everything! Our freedoms, our economy, our constitution, our very way of life—all at stake. All could rapidly change in a very short time. Not to mention their push for a global government and away from borders and national sovereignty!

I would be lying to you if I told you that we could wait until 2022 to “regroup” and make a comeback then. That simply isn’t true. The reason for this is because the radical policies of the modern left would not allow us to retake the house, senate, or the presidency ever again. They will redistrict, flood the country with illegal voters, add new states, abolish the electoral college, end the filibuster, and expand their massive voter fraud efforts and ballot harvesting campaigns to the nth degree. In other words our elections would be as fixed as any other communist country—a sham election, with no real way to win.

We are at a precipice moment.

If we don’t win now, there’s a very good chance we will never win again. What the radical Democrats are wanting to do is to fundamentally change our country forever. We simply cannot allow Joe Biden to enter the White House or ever be inaugurated as president. We must pray this through!

The Democrat/globalists plans are nothing short of wicked. They are demonic. Communism and socialism have taken over the ideology of the party. Religious liberties and freedoms would be one of their first targets. But it even goes further than that—much of what is biblical doctrine would be called “hate speech”. They would come after pastors, they would silence Christians and conservatives, they would go after dissidents, and they would shut down churches. In this nightmare scenario, pastors would be getting arrested, while the real criminals would be freed to roam the streets—similar to what we have seen in “Chaz”. This is because radicals have taken over the party. Blue dog moderates are now pushed aside, as the new generation of communists take control. We need to understand the actual situation at hand.

I don’t have time today to lay out their entire agenda and the fact that they are aligned with Communist China, or that they want to head into the “great reset” and lock us all back down in the very near future. There are many sinister things that I could lay out about the globalist agenda that would make you lose sleep. Again, many of us are already thinking about these things and the very real possibility of living in a socialist country only months from now.

As I was praying about this entire situation however, something came to mind. I don’t feel it was an accident, but I turned in the Bible to the story of Haman. You see there was a time when Haman wanted to kill all the Jewish people. He had even convinced the King to do just that. Through his deception and manipulation, an edict was written. Haman felt as though he had gotten away with his wicked plan. He had even built gallows in which he would hang those who he sought to destroy—the Jewish people.

Then something happened.

Just as the Jewish people were about to be slaughtered, an Esther arose. She became queen and exposed the wicked plan and agenda of Haman. As a result, instead of the Jews being sent to the gallows, the plans and edict were reversed and it was Haman that was sent to his own gallows to be killed.

This is what I believe could happen in this situation. As the remnant church cries out to God, something is happening. I believe God is responding to the prayers of the righteous. I believe God desires to give us one more chance as a nation. (He really wants to give the church one more chance). It will be up to us what we will do with that chance. I believe we will see a great move of God as the remnant church rises up and stands for the full Bible in this hour—bold and unafraid.

The left have put together a wicked plan. They desire to come after everything God and to persecute those of faith. They have fought to kill our most innocent, our babies. They have turned on Israel and seek to support the BDS movement. They have looked to silence the church and take away our freedoms as a nation. They have built the gallows and are waiting to march us in to our demise.

But God.

I believe that we are about to see one of the greatest miracles we have ever seen as a country. I believe God is going to move at the 11 o’clock hour. I believe those who have looked to hang the people of God will hang themselves on their own gallows. I believe an Esther will arise once again!

To believe these things we must stand up in faith right now. I know that it doesn’t look good as we look at it in the natural. But we have to have eyes of faith. We have to trust in the Lord. This is the only way that we will have a victory. We need to be praying, we need to be fasting, we need to be repenting, we need to be crying out to God!

As the Democrats are prideful and seem confident in their “win”, they have underestimated God. They have underestimated the power of a praying church.

I am decreeing and declaring and believing in faith that there is going to be a reversal of their edict! I believe everything that was meant for evil will be turned around for good. I believe we will see a great awakening and people in this country standing for life. I believe those who have been corrupt and evil will be exposed and hung on their own gallows.

Let it be so in Jesus name.

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