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The remnant church vs. the compromised church here in America.

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Today I want to express my commitment to you—those who are faithful and who continue to press ahead despite the many challenges we currently face in our nation and world. Thank you for your faith and your willingness to stand, even under pressure. God will reward this. We are in a very dangerous time right now, and yet many people, even in the “Body of Christ”, don’t seem to fully grasp the gravity of this danger. Those with discernment see it and understand what is at stake. This is why we are praying and fasting!

Rather than get angry, I want to lay out my case as to what I believe is happening right now. I believe there is a clear separation that is happening within the church. For a long time, some have made excuses for compromise. Certain Christians have allowed “leaven” to enter into our teaching, our doctrine, and our churches. Many others have looked the other way for the sake of unity. This can no longer be the case. We have to call a spade a spade.

What we are seeing now in our nation is nothing less than the fruit of this compromise. Just look at the moral decline that has taken place. This has happened under our watch. That is why God is going to separate those who are willing to stand versus those who are willing to compromise. There is no more “mushy middle”. We cannot look at it like we are one, as we cannot align with those who willingly compromise. This is why I often use the word “remnant”. It’s because it defines those who are willing to stand for God’s entire Word, even in this hour—without compromise.

God’s church is the remnant.

The others are simply not part of the church. Until there is repentance, the compromised church is basically powerless and deceived. All we can do is pray that they will awaken and repent. That they will come back to purity, holiness, righteousness and stand for the entire Bible, and that they will have a true encounter with the Holy Spirit. And so with that said, the remnant church understands the danger we are facing, while the compromised church thinks it’s simply business as usual. It’s two very different understandings of where we are on the timeline of history. Life will not continue to be easy. We are entering into a new period.

The left in America today is aligned with communist China and the globalist agenda. They are rapidly pushing us into a “new world order” system that will look to make dramatic moves in the coming months and years. Things we could not even imagine possible, such as pedophilia, will be mainstreamed. They will come after religious liberty and freedom with an iron fist. They will come after our property. They will use bully tactics to cause us to conform in our preaching and beliefs. They will go after our finances in order to attempt to force us to capitulate.

We must stand strong. Many, if not most of those I mentioned above, who are not part of the remnant will simply fold. The compromised church is powerless and clueless. They have already folded in many aspects. Just look at the areas in the last decade that some denominations have blatantly allowed for sound biblical doctrine to be completely ignored! What would make us think that they will not continue in this same way—even allowing for more compromise? Come out from them!

What I am saying here is don’t be deceived. The compromised church will simply continue on with their same m.o. but God’s true church understands the lateness of the hour and the situation at hand. We must become end time warriors and be willing to have a strong backbone and not give in under pressure. We will continue to press ahead no matter what. We are praying for more time. We are praying for an extension of the reprieve. \

We are praying for true repentance in this nation, for a powerful move of God and revival to come. I believe that revival is coming. We must continue to pray. Many people ask me what will happen in the coming months. I still believe God wants to give us more time, but I also believe when He does, He will then look to the church as it will be up to us what we do with that time. It certainly is not business as usual.

This is a time for the remnant church to rise up and be the head and not the tail. We are a praying people of faith. We must understand the lateness of the hour. We are the salt and the light. We must teach, preach and live out the full Word of God. If you have been part of the compromised church all is not lost.

You can make a change and choice to leave the compromise and join the remnant! God is here to welcome you with open arms and anoint you for a time such as this. Make this choice today! Now is the time! It’s time to be the church!

We are the remnant!


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