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The real story of COVID, Trump, and 2020…

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

This is real story…that you simply won’t hear on the mainstream media. There is a reason for that!

I know many of you won’t like this, but it’s a true story and this is absolutely what has taken place.

Donald Trump was so successful in taking down and dismantling the globalist agenda in his first term that the deepstate was in absolute panic mode.

Trump had the best economy, things were turning around as wages were increasing, unemployment was at all-time lows, the military was being restored, the endless wars were winding down, the trade imbalances were being right-set, the cabal was about to be exposed and taken down for their crimes against humanity, the Dow was at all-time highs and it was morning in America again.

George Soros, Bill Gates, the Democrats and many of the deepstate cabal members knew they needed to do something big otherwise Donald Trump was about to see the biggest landslide in the history of politics in 2020. Not only that, but they were about to be arrested and tried for their crimes. That’s why they were panicking!

They devised a very sinister plan.

They were working in tandem with their Chinese communist globalist counterparts and deepstate cabal members to initiate a massive global release of a bioweapon. We know this because many whistleblowers have come forward and explained in detail how this progressed and also virologists have explained how this is a man-made virus due to its construction and that there is no way this could have happened organically. It’s a SARS virus that is sitting on an AIDS chassis.

I can explain in more detail, but for the sake of time, I’ll just explain the top line points here.

—the virus was manufactured in a lab
—it is a bioweapon
—there was a drill called “event 201” that played out the exact scenario with the exact players in October 2019
—George Soros warned (in Davos at the World Economic Forum) of this scenario and an “event” that would take out Trump before the election. So did Obama.
—-China was just outmaneuvered in trade deals and their economy was hurting. They also were dealing with issues in Hong Kong.

People say, “why would they endanger the whole world over Trump”? It’s simple because the globalist agenda affects the whole world and they are using China as the vehicle to push forward their plan for a one world global government. They need China to overtake the US and finish the Obama and deepstate globalist plan to transfer power to China so they can abolish our constitution. China was set to rule the world.

The deepstate working in tandem with China released the virus. They thought it would be a death blow. They didn’t care what collateral damage it caused. They didn’t care how many died because they already believe the Earth is overpopulated and they have no regard for life. That’s who they are. Only the elites have rights.

If Biden wins they will finish off their “great reset” plan. China will overtake the US and our world will dramatically change fast. Within a few years we will not recognize our country. Biden is nothing less than a puppet for the deepstate and China. Look into the “one belt, one road”. It’s already far along in its progression.

If you believe President Trump “mishandled” the coronavirus, you are simply uninformed. He saved millions of lives and he knows what is going on here. All of it. His leadership here is what got us through by Gods grace.

Only 6% of the total deaths they are reporting are from COVID alone. The rest had underlying conditions and have been simply labeled “COVID deaths”. It’s a huge lie. The year on year death rates are barely higher than any other year. All other deaths are substantially down.

Don’t be deceived. Know the truth. Know what is at stake. Know what is really going on.


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