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The real reason The Swamp and their media puppets are panicking about January 6

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

If you’re reading this, there’s an excellent chance you live in the same bubble that I do. We’ve been gathering information about the mountains of voter fraud evidence that continues to pile up daily. We watch videos, read articles, listen to commentaries, and sometimes sit through hours of testimony before committees in state legislatures. Unfortunately, our bubble is tiny. The vast majority of Americans have no idea.

My conservative estimate of the percentage of Americans who are either completely in the dark about the attempted theft of the 2020 presidential election or who have accepted that President Trump “lost” is 95%. Some may say, “No way, the truth is spreading,” but as much as I’d like to believe that’s true, I know a thing or two about Americans. Nearly all of us are not going to be bothered to look up information that isn’t spoon-fed to us by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, or the networks. The only thing being reported by mainstream media is that the election is locked, Joe Biden won, and some delusional Trump supporters are embarrassing ourselves along with the President in some desperate attempt to “steal” the election.

Yes, most Americans think WE’RE the ones trying to steal it. Sure, polls say most people believe voter fraud happened (not that we should trust polls ever again) but when asked if they believe Biden’s so-called “victory” is illegitimate, the numbers crash. Despite all of the information that we’ve seen, those who have not spent the time to look into it on their own believe there’s not enough evidence to sway the courts or anyone else. That’s the narrative and, as I said, 95% or more Americans think this way. Even those who believe there was likely rampant voter fraud have resigned themselves to accepting a Biden administration. Most Trump supporters are already lamenting their loss and Biden supporters are grinning because they think they dodged a bullet.

Our bubble includes social media, and in those bubbles we are leading ourselves to believe the numbers of those “in the know” are much higher. I’ve caught myself thinking this way. We see tens of thousands of retweets or Facebook likes on a short description of voter fraud evidence and we think, “YES, the masses are being told the truth!” But they’re not. For every truth they might read on social media, they’re bombarded with a few dozen lies on mainstream media which, through some sort of voodoo or mind control technique, they still trust more than us.

There’s a reason why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are teaming up to try to stop Republican Senators from objecting to any of the electors presented on January 6th during the joint session of Congress. It’s the same reason why NeverTrumpers like Senator Ben Sasse and Representative Adam Kinzinger are writing seemingly unnecessary articles making their cases about why they think objectors are dumb. And it’s the reason mainstream media and Big Tech are busy gaslighting Trump supporters and his proxies. What’s this unified reason for trying so hard to prevent objections?

If at least one Senator and one Representative object to a state’s electors, the two chambers are supposed to debate the issue. These debates represent the first opportunity for tens of millions of Americans to hear the evidence. Like I said, those of us who are in the bubble have seen enough to make us believe with 100% certainty that the election was stolen, but we’re a tiny minority. On January 6th, the floodgates of information and evidence will be opened to a wide audience. Mainstream media outlets will not be able to avoid coverage despite covering up for voter fraud allegations incessantly for two months. That’s not to say they won’t try to keep it all hidden, but the objections on January 6th will prompt a whole lot of people to seek further information. Millions will finally be exposed to the truth, even if only some of it.

If this wasn’t the case, none of the aforementioned groups would be panicking. From a practical perspective, neither Pelosi nor McConnell have any fears of a majority in either chamber siding against the Biden electors. Sasse and Kinsinger are committing political suicide speaking out against something they both know has very little chance of succeeding. And as for mainstream media, they should be having fun ignoring people like Senator Josh Hawley or Congressman Mo Brooks. Instead, they’re gaslighting them and all of us. If they do not fear the results, then they must be panicking over the revelations that will come from this and the widened audience who will be hearing about it all for the first time.

In case you’re not convinced, ask your neighbor if they’ve heard the name “Bobby Piton.” Call a relative and ask them what they think of Jovan Pulitzer’s work. Ask anyone you know to guestimate how many cases about voter fraud have been heard by the Supreme Court (Spoiler alert: They’ll either say “40” or “2” and will think you’re a liar when you tell them it’s zero). We live in a bubble that’s infinitesimal, but it’s going to get a whole lot bigger on January 6th and the days that follow.

And that will taint the potential Biden administration that all of these sellouts crave. McConnell, Sasse, Kinzinger, and their cronies are practically giddy about finally being rid of President Trump, but they want the Biden administration to seem legitimate in everyone’s eyes. The objections of January 6th will open a whole lot of eyes, and they can’t let that happen. This is why they’re panicking.

Keep up the pressure. As I noted earlier, January 6th is not the deadline to correct this election. But if we have a real chance of seeing this through, we need eyes opened and God’s assistance. So keep fighting the good fight and pray, always.


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