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The question right now is not “do we have the evidence”…It’s IF they will hear it…

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

The question right now is not “do we have the evidence”? There is so much evidence that it’s more than we probably would ever need in a normal situation. According to the Giuliani camp, we have thousands of affidavits in the contested states (combined) that have now been assembled.

The media is hard at work spinning each smoking gun that makes its way through their filters. They are also steadily censoring those who bring it forth in the alternative media and truth community. It’s a highly coordinated effort to shut down dissenting voices. The issue right now is we need to have a court that will allow the Trump team to present the evidence. To lay this very complex case out. To call forward the experts and witnesses who are willing to testify under the threat of perjury, should they bear false witness. Why would they? They are doing this because they are patriots who are willing to risk it all to stand for our Republic. Thank you!

Witnesses that have come forth are being threatened. People in government and legal positions are also being threatened. Odd deaths and unreported instances are taking place in this covert war. There are significant threats and also bribery taking place to those even in high state offices. The sophisticated state actor behind this is China. There are others like Iran, Venezuela, Serbia, operators in Germany, Spain, and Hong Kong that are also involved. Soros shell orgs as well.

The Obama shadow government operation never stopped working. All in tandem. When people speak out, they are harassed. Even judges fear. This is an attempted color revolution. These types of situations can get very messy. Even messier if not stopped right now. This is exactly how they took down several other countries into communism. Same playbook.

Let’s keep praying. The evidence isn’t the issue. There is plenty. It’s being able to present it. Then having a high court that is willing to stand for the truth and constitution. That is willing to stand and not be fearful or intimidated by those behind the scenes working hard to destabilize and intimidate their way into power.

Prayer can stop this. But we must understand the enemy and threat we are facing. This is not a time for cowards or those who bail out early. This is a time for seasoned warriors to persevere and endure until the end. No matter what.

Pray for exposure for those who seek to overthrow our rightful government. Pray for those who are standing up and speaking out. Pray for the brave pastors who are holding the line.

Pray for Christians, patriots, and activists across this nation who are getting the real information out. Pray for the president and those around him.

Pray for the legal team for favor and wisdom on how to execute the legal challenges.

Pray for favor with the state legislatures. Pray for real recounts and for all fraud to be exposed.

Pray for those on the SCOTUS that they will not be intimidated and will hear the case and rule for truth and justice. That they will defend the constitution.

Please hold the line. Now is not the time to surrender. #praythisthrough


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