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“The Plan to save the world”. Is this “the storm”?

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

This is simply a “possible scenario” and is not something that RMNT News is confirming at this time, but we think you should be aware of this. We are dedicated to the truth and printing information so that you can have different perspectives.

Here is what is wrong with this particular video: This theory seems to take some of the focus off of Christ and instead puts it on a very “man centered” hope. It also clearly isn’t, nor will it ever be, “the greatest story ever told”, as we know that is held strictly for the story of the Gospel story and God’s infinite word. It also said there is no issue with Muslims or socialism and again, simply untrue. Other than that, we do believe much of this is true and it is still worth a post.

This is a video that was originally produced by “Joe M”, a patriot, who is now available to follow on Parler.


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