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The Patriot & The Preacher Show: Special guest Pastor David Berman

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Today’s Guest: Reverend David Berman has been in ordained ministry since 1991. He is the founding and Senior Pastor of the Christian Life Fellowship Church in Swanzey, NH, and is ordained in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (C&MA). He is a dynamic powerful preacher who refuses to give into the political anti free speech movement in this culture, and he is a defender of the veracity of The Word of God.

 Pastor Berman has extensive ministry experience including church planting, marriage & individual counseling, Training theological students, mentoring and consulting. Reverend Berman also has vast business experience, public speaking, as well as extensive media experience. He has an understanding of cultures due to his diligent study, as well as having traveled to over 20 countries, including teaching theology to pastors in Mexico. He has also pastored in a multi ethnic congregation in Connecticut. He has been heard by millions of people as a guest on many radio shows for over 25 years.

 Pastor Berman knows the problem with sin, addiction (in its many forms) and how it contributes to a downward spiral in relationships, and every aspect of life. He knows this personally as one who was an addict in his teenage years. 

 Our Pastor is not a stranger to dealing with the most difficult problems in individuals as well as marriages that are the result of hopelessness, irresponsibility, and a whole host of self-destructive behaviors. As he likes to say “I have been an addict, I’ve been irresponsible, I know what it feels like, I know the hopelessness, I know the pain and I know exactly what it does and how to get free.”

 As a Biblical counselor, Reverend Berman has helped hundreds of people turn their lives around through the power of the Biblical principles he candidly teaches. His extensive years of ministry service, gives him the necessary tools that helps him to see through the façade, and get right to the root causes of deep problems. Most important is this; Our Pastor loves people, has dedicated his life to, and has been committed to seeing people be set free for 30 years by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Follow Pastor Dave on twitter @DrDavidMBerman


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