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“The Greatest Commission” – Sunday Service @ The Remnant 7/17/2022

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

“The Greatest Commission” – Sunday Service @ The Remnant 7/17/2022


  1. Christine Hodges

    Todd, thank you so much for speaking the truth in the strength of the Lord, I know we are the instrument on the earth right now that should be the most pivotal people group to be on the front lines fighting and standing for our freedoms, loving people by informing them the system is a false path. I’m hearing so much…too much, the pastors saying we just aren’t going to be political ..we teach the word of God….I am so frustrated that I feel like I”m on the fringe outside my own church who wishes we would talk more about the elephant in the room! Never to teach MAGA life and talking about elections above Jesus…OF course NOT…but they don’t even talk about it AT ALL and we need to!..
    What should I do if my place of worship is like this ? I don’t know where I can go like your church….You are doing what I’m looking for…

  2. Christine Hodges

    Todd, I’m still listening to your message and maybe I just need to focus on the great commission and if I just do that I will be in the will of GOd and maybe I should think less about the idea my church doesn’t want to talk about current world affairs we are facing …hmmmmmm isn’t there a balance? I wish also we were more spirit filled, I don’t know if they want to be that risky…ha ha…that’s crazy…


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