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by | Mar 18, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

It is just like Satan to reserve his most lethal attack for the time when the Army of God is most exhausted.  In this case the attack is the so-called Equality Act. For this legislation from the pit of hell, there is no compromise and there must be no delaying of our response.

The Equality Act will accuse every parent who tries to protect their child of being a bigot. It can also drive a wedge between you and your child—right when they need you the most. A wedge that will prevent you from being able to comfort your child, or even encourage your child to keep the gender God gave them.

Here’s a scene that can happen even in a Christian home.

Say your 14-year-old daughter, who has never shown any confusion about her gender comes home and tells you she is a boy. She just heard a transgender teenager at her school assembly. She insists that she should now take cross-sex hormones. The problem is that her claims and demands seem to be more about winning peer approval in school and on social media than any real gender dysphoria.

You love her. You have prayed for her and have done all you know how to be an example to her. Now, like a demonic power, the Equality Act will step in to side with her, against you. You will be accused of child abuse. You will be slandered as a transphobe for simply trying to save your child.

Melissa Moschella, writing for the Federalist, said this: “The Equality (and Fairness for All) Act will make such tragic cases much more common, by codifying the ideology underlying these decisions into federal anti-discrimination law. It will also make it even more difficult for parents to shield their children from confusing and harmful ideological indoctrination in public schools, like curricula that encourage children to question their gender identity and teach there are no “male bodies” or “female bodies,” but only “bodies with penises and testicles” or “bodies with vulva and ovaries.””

What is insane is the fact that once again, lukewarm pastors wanting to look inclusive, will frame this as a civil rights matter. We face the prospect of yet again being too divided to stand against evil with a united front. Let’s settle this once and for all. The devil is using civil rights as body armor to codify perversion and suffocate the family.

Again, hear what Melissa says “Advocates of the Equality Act want you to think of it as a basic civil rights measure necessary to protect people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender from unjust discrimination. What it actually does is impose a radical ideology with sweeping implications on all Americans, including making it a form of unlawful discrimination to act on the belief – based on actual science – that maleness and femaleness are determined by biology rather than feelings, even in the way you raise your own children.”

We must, at all costs, protect the right of parents to protect their children from the perverse social experiments of an ungodly government. This right is so basic, that to lose this, is to lose America.

Again, Melissa says, “Of course, all people should be treated with respect, and no one should be subject to unjust discrimination. But affirming biological reality is neither bigotry nor discrimination. And protecting children from confusion or from harmful experimental “treatments” is neither abuse nor neglect.”

Any preacher who will not rise to fight against something that is this evil for you and your children, is a traitor.

I know we are exhausted from so many vile actions perpetrated by the Biden regime. I realize that we have all been rallied again and again to fever pitch. However, this one is a no-brainer. This is the one that must unify every decent American.

I know that God will work with us to stop this menace. Of course, our first act is prayer. Our next act is to alert our pastors to our convictions about the Equality Act. The most important step is to contact your local congressman and make it clear that this is a non-negotiable. We will assume that any politician that either supports it or will not fight to stop it needs to be voted out of office.

It is now or never. It is time for the Army of God to rise up and make our voice heard!

Nehemiah 4:14, “And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”

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