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by | Nov 4, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Vegas betting odds knew it. China’s stock exchange also knew it. On any other election night, last night would have been a clear win for U.S. President Donald J. Trump. With a clear victory in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia—this race should now be over. It should have been called for Donald J. Trump. The problem is, our country has had an attempted coup d’etat take place which is being helped and perpetuated by the corrupt mainstream news media and their slimy pundits who are clearly in the tank for the deepstate.

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This was the plan all along. To push the Coronavirus enough so that they could use endless mail-in ballots to bring in just enough votes to steal any state that is close. We the people should be outraged!

We simply cannot tolerate this.

This isn’t just any old election folks, this is the moment when we find out of the United States of America has fallen to communism or not.

This is out of character for me, but I am saying that we should take to the streets if they call this for Joe Biden, maybe even sooner. We have to show our strength as a majority. They are trying to push us into a very dark direction and if we just sit back and allow this, this is what is going to happen here!

Donald Trump won. He won last night. Now the greatest theft in the history of our country is being attempted.

What to do now: Pray this through. Pray like never before. Pray and cry out to God.

If we don’t see a victory called in the next few hours, then we may need to take further action, freedom-loving Americans. We cannot simply allow this theft of our nation and its future to happen.

There is a good chance this is going to go to the Supreme Court. The justices are human beings. They are going to feel the pressure to allow all the mail-in votes to be counted. They will feel the pressure from the corrupt mainstream media. This is why they need to see and hear from us! We will need to take to the streets, NOT to riot, but to get out the vehicle parades and Trump gatherings in every U.S. city. They need to see the “silent majority” is not going to tolerate this. We can’t simply let them steal this. Not this time—there is simply too much is at stake.

We are calling on the patriots all over America to rise up! Organization is key. Those who organized the rallies, large gatherings and the car parades, get the word out to your people. It’s time we show our support to this president and for this republic.

If we simply sit back and do nothing, they will take that as a license to follow through with this great theft, and America will have fallen to the cabal and communism.

This is our Paul Revere moment ladies and gentlemen. We are being called to duty by our founders and future generations. This is a defining moment. We are being called to stand up now. What we do now and from this moment on will determine our future. Organizers…get the word out!

Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


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