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Ten things we can do right now to change things…

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Here are ten steps that we can do right now that will have an impact on things and help incite change.

  1. Shop local. Corporations have become activists. They are working against us. They are contributing in large amounts to organizations like Planned Parenthood and Act Blue. We need to look at what our dollars are going to, and not work against ourselves. I realize this is hard, but we must learn to change our buying habits so that we can push back against the plans of the enemy.
  2. Get active on the community level. Attend (and bring 10 people with you!)—town halls, city council meetings, school board meetings, and other like gatherings whenever possible. We have allowed a small group of people to steer the direction of this nation for too long. We can no longer let this happen. We have to be the squeaky wheel. We have to be engaged. We have to push back. We can never be the “silent majority” again.
  3. Live in and create alternative eco-systems. We have been “living” on social media platforms, consuming media, movies, and other entertainment that is designed to condition us and censor our commentary. NO MORE! We must come out from Babylon! Its time to have our own platforms where we will not be censored. We as believers should not be watching programs, News, and other content that is literally demonic and that influences us in a negative way. We are meant to be set apart. I am not against staying on Facebook/Twitter/etc. and reaching the lost, but I don’t think we should limit ourselves to the platforms that want to silence our voice. We have to fight for free speech. There needs to be this freedom to share our views, thoughts, beliefs, and values. We also need to understand that the news is propaganda.
  4. Alternative News/research. The mainstream corporate media is owned 90% by 6 corporations. The information they share is propagandized and pre-determined messaging that is designed to socially condition us and set us up to be controlled. We must understand this and find our content and information through researching and going to the “source documents”. Otherwise we will fall victim to their agenda. The Bible says we are to “test the spirits”. The modern-day media is equivalent to the ancient prophets of Baal.
  5. Fight for election integrity. What happened was the biggest crime our nation has ever seen. It’s bigger than Watergate. It is the biggest political theft our modern world has ever witnessed…and we can’t simply forget and move on. The world is watching. So, we have to keep praying for an expose’. That what was done in darkness will be brought to light. That justice will happen. That there will be some type of breakthrough where we will see those who perpetrated these acts, caught. The Bible says “what was done in darkness will be brought to light”. I don’t believe these people will ultimately get away with this. Too many are interceding. Fight for future voter integrity. Become poll watches, hold elected officials accountable, speak about what happened to others…don’t let this conversation die!
  6. The church must change. It’s time for America to have an encounter with God. We can never go back to apathy again. We cannot allow tyranny to take over. The church has the power to push back the spirit of anti-Christ. The enemy knows the power we have when we walk in the authority of God’s Holy Spirit. No more “celebrity” pastors. No more of the shenanigans we have seen in the Body of Christ for years. Its time we teach about repentance, the Blood of Jesus, the cross of Calvary, the WHOLE BIBLE and stop allowing the cancel culture to dictate what we preach on. No social justice warrior and other new fads should be infiltrating the church. Jesus is always relevant. We need to be the head and not the tail! Its time for the American Church to lead.
  7. Go to a remnant church/support remnant ministries. Many churches are silent on the most pressing issues of our time. That’s how we got to where we are. We have to really pray about if we are planted in the right place. Ask God and His Holy Spirit for direction. Mega-churches are not always bad, but often many of the larger churches also got that way because they are more motivational and do what the bibles says in ‘tickling ears” rather than preaching and teaching the full gospel. We need to be actively making disciples and making and impact on the community. We also need to get people: saved, set-free, healed and delivered in Jesus name!
  8. Don’t be afraid of politics! Pastor’s and churches must be engaged politically. We must also contact our elected officials. They need to hear from us. Our goal should be—They should literally know our name!
  9. Run for office if called. We need Christians to get active in these offices. From the city/local level all of the way to the highest offices.
  10. Make disciples. Have meetings and gatherings at your home or small business. Think outside of the box. This is a time unlike any other time. This is a time for the remnant to arise!

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