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Supreme Court denies Texas case. We break it down…

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

From Pastor Todd:

Here are the options that are left for President Trump to win. This is not over.

1. State legislators can still change electors. (Not much time left for this one, but still possible)

2. It can still remain contested and undecided should neither candidate end up with the needed 270 electoral votes. This would then set it to the congress where each state would have 1 vote.

3. President Trump could initiate the “insurrection act”. This is do to the fact that a foreign state actor has indeed interfered in our election i.e. China and Iran.

4. The other cases that are still ongoing in the court systems around the country could introduce new information or set new precedent based on evidence.

Don’t lose hope. Think of how the children of Israel felt when Pharaoh’s army was just about to attack them. Sometimes God moves at the very last minute. Right now, our job is to continue to fast and pray. To have faith. Hold the line. Keep the faith. Pray this through.

The Supreme Court moved today to dismiss a case brought forth by the state of Texas to delay selection of electors in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. This is a blow to the Trump campaign’s hopes of correcting the election results that were fabricated by widespread voter fraud.

According to the Supreme Court, they denied the request over lack of standing. As The Right Scoop noted:

The Supreme Court has DENIED Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit, which was signed onto by multiple states and supported by over 100 member of congress. There was a dissent from Alito and Thomas, but it seems to have been based on matters of jurisdiction and not the merits of the lawsuit.

Notably, the three justices appointed by Trump did NOT dissent from rejecting the case.

While this is a huge “downer” for many Trump supporters, the fight is far from over. The best scenario is that this case bought other lawsuits more time to get in front of the Supreme Court without having to worry about the December 14 deadline for selecting electors. Now, they have to rush, which they’ve been doing already, but that doesn’t mean the fat lady has sung.

The order said Texas did not have legal standing to bring the claim.

We will continue to follow this story.


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