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Pushing back against activist companies that we all know…

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

For a long time, many of the companies that we regularly shop at—have been activists—literally donating to and supporting causes and organizations that work against Christian values, conservatives, and even the America people as a whole.

Over the last few days, there has been much buzz around “satan shoes” which seemed to have been connected with Nike, but that later Nike distanced itself from. Even with their public statement regarding these shoes, Nike has been a far-left company for quite some time taking public stances to support leftist causes and is known for its anti-American posturing. For that reason, we simply cannot give them a pass because this time they may be backpedaling or not directly involved. It’s time American patriots wake up. We are the majority! This type of corporate activism must be stopped. If not now, then when?

These activist companies willingly fund organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Act Blue, and many other activist groups—which are NGOs and shell organizations of those who have an agenda and strategy to fundamentally transform our country, and subsequently the world as a whole.

Who are some of the worst offenders? Well there are many. Far too many to list. I will say these stick out to me:

1. Starbucks

2. Nike

3. AT&T

4. Levi’s

5. Bank of America

There are many more. You can look at how a company scores by going to the website 2ndVote.com.

My advice:

1. Shop local when you can.

2. Find out who the worst offenders are and stop giving them your business.

3. Find alternative companies that are not supporting organizations that are harmful and anti American.

4. Be an informed shopper.

5. Awaken others.

6. Let the company know why you stopped shopping there.

7. Don’t forget about this after a short time, but make a real lifestyle change here.

It’s time these companies know that we mean business. I am not giving Nike a pass, simply because they made one retraction. Nike is an activist company! And we will not forget that unless they stop being one. Period.


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