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People’s words…don’t let them define who you are!

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Tonight I want to speak about something that I have seen for many years in counseling people and that afflicts the lives of so many people…I have walked through this personally and even broken some words that were once spoken over me—now I am healed of them! I understand. Trust me, this works!
What am I talking about?
What I am talking about is the words that people have spoken over you (and me) and things that were said to us throughout our lives (sometimes as kids) that were simply untrue—yet in some cases, those words have been able to somehow still take root in our heart.
This happens often, even to believers, and we tend to carry these words along with us as “excess baggage” throughout our life until they are dealt with. Sometimes even believing what was said (even though it wasn’t true) and taking that on as part of our identity and persona. We cannot do this though! We need to learn who we are in Jesus Christ! He says, “who the Son sets free, is free indeed”!
Words can be powerful. In fact, the Bible says that “life and death are in the power of the tongue”! This means that when a person speaks a curse, death, false words, or lies over you or about you (or me), they can indeed have an effect on your life and situation. Sometimes people hook into them in such a strong way, that it actually leads to their ultimate demise. That’s because they bought the lie that was spoken over them and the lie ended up being their downfall. That is what the enemy wants, but we say “no” to this in the name of Jesus! This will not be our fate!
There is a way to beat this whole thing and have a complete victory…
Here’s how…
God has given us all the tools we need to be set up for ultimate success here on this Earth. He also has given us authority, in the name of Jesus, to break every curse, lie, and false word that has been spoken over us. We can go before the Lord and ask Him to heal our hearts and let us see the truth through wisdom and discernment. We can pray, “Lord give me ears to hear and eyes to see the truth”. We can learn to see ourselves as God sees us! We can know His Word and learn how to fight in the Spirit over these matters! Once we do that, that’s it! It’s done! In fact, those words have no authority over our lives and situation any longer. They are forever…canceled!
God said that He made us “fearfully and wonderfully”. He also said that He made us, “in His likeness and image”. He said that He knows the plans for us…plans for us to prosper and have, “hope and a future”. His promise is, “yes and amen”. “We are in the world, but not of the world”. We are citizens of Heaven! Thank God that He is the author and finisher of our story!
In most cases, the people who spoke negatively over our lives spoke out of their own brokenness, hurt, and woundedness. What they said was never the truth. That’s why we simply break those words and the spirit behind them, cast them down, and move forward in victory. We “bind” them as the Bible instructs us to do.
Sometimes, it’s not even the person who is saying those hurtful words, but rather a demon speaking through them! This is a common way for the demonic realm to try to attack Christians. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but rather strongholds and principalities. The good news is we can win and beat back the enemy, his demonic minions, and all of his attacks each and every time! “The gates of hell will not prevail”! “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”. God is our defense!
I wanted to share this with you today because I know how it feels when someone speaks death over your life and situation. I have had to learn how to overcome what someone has said to me or spoke over me. I could have believed them and never been able to accomplish what God has called me to do, but instead, someone once shared with me what I am sharing with you today and I learned the truth. They told me who I am in Jesus Christ and that I could walk in the authority and anointing of the Holy Spirit! They shared how we have complete victory in Jesus Christ. Yes, we do! I embraced this reality and God moved in my life in such a powerful way that it’s truly amazing…and He will do the same for you!
We are built to overcome. We simply have to know who we are in Jesus Christ and walk it out! He is our foundation. He is our refuge. He loves us so much and HE made us! God doesn’t make any mistakes!
You are special, unique, and there is no other person on this planet that can be you. Period. Only you can be you! And you have a calling and a purpose that is unique to you as well.
Let’s all step into that calling today (if you haven’t already) and see all of what God has in store for our lives! We can thrive even when the world is going crazy!
Today we break any and all negative words and lies from the pit of hell over our lives! No longer will we allow these words to take root in our hearts and mind! We bind them and cast them down forever in Jesus’ name!
It is done. It is finished!
Jesus Christ has given us complete healing and complete victory this day!

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