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People are asking me why I support the president invoking the “Insurrection Act”.

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

This is why…

President Trump won in a landslide. It was the most decisive victory in this generation. He won almost every state.

The deepstate planned this out. Although past elections have been tampered with and there has been substantial voter fraud before, including in 2018 midterms…this is the largest voter fraud campaign ever attempted in history. We are talking in the tune of millions of votes. Stolen. Fraud on a mass level.

Here is the issue. If this election stands as is, that’s it. The deepstate and their allies in the democrat party and establishment will never let a real election to happen again.

What is one of our most valued rights in AMERICA? The right to vote. If we lose that, that’s it. We are no longer free. Most Americans will never trust the voting process again. We will know our votes do not count. This means that the most influential country on the planet has been compromised and taken over by unelected treasonous individuals that seek to bring us away from sovereignty and into the globalist agenda.

There is no turning back from here. It’s now or never. Stop thinking we can re-emerge in 2022 or 2024. This is uneducated thinking. We will have already entered into the great reset and globalist agenda at that point and it will be far too late to turn around.

This is a pivotal moment in history.

This is an attempted coup of our Republic. They used a plethora of methods to rig this election and put a puppet to the deepstate and communist China in position for a massive global transition of power.

I know this sounds crazy or like it could be untrue, but it’s not. This is the absolute truth.

If we hand the keys of this Republic over to a Biden administration, it will realistically be the end of the United States as we know it.

This is why we are fighting so hard right now. Many people don’t understand what is at stake. Everything is at stake. It’s now or never.

This is a 1776 moment. We are witnessing an attempted color revolution in America taking place right now. A soft coup that is very real.

If we sit back and let it happen, then we will seal our fate. There has been treason that has been committed at the highest of levels. We have real foreign intervention in our 2020 election. This is real folks.

This is why I support the initiation of the Insurrection Act.


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