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Pastor Todd responds to the 2020 election.

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

I have been praying about how to respond to what happened…

I have to admit, I have been almost speechless about what has happened in our country over the course of the last few months. It’s been absolutely surreal and extremely upsetting to watch this unfold. I have never felt such a sadness for our nation, yet know now is not a time where I can retract. I must fight harder now than ever before.

Today, I want to address what has been on my heart since this has taken place and what I think must be done now as we move ahead.

I was shocked at how our Institutions systematically failed us one by one. I think we all were. I was down at Turning Point USA when I heard first hand from then Vice President Pence that “we will have our day in Congress on the 6th”. He said “our voices will be heard”. Well, he let us down—big time. They were not heard! Not in the Congress, not in the courts—nowhere. Pence didn’t allow our voices to be heard at all. He folded. Just like so many others in the Congress. They fell like pins in a bowling alley. They had no spine. I don’t think many of them will ever recover politically, as the 80 million Trump voters will not forget what they did—or didn’t do! Till this day, we still have not gotten a fair chance to be heard. But we certainly will soon…

We all know that there were massive irregularities and f r a u d in 2020. It was so blaring and in our face that it simply cannot be denied. Yet, for some strange and bizarre reason, many just let it happen and watched silently as our nation was hijacked by a group of criminals. Most seemingly are willing to just accept it. It’s almost like someone came in and robbed our house, and yet we just let it happen and didn’t call the police or even ask for an investigation. Why would anyone ever just let this happen and not take any action to at least try and find the culprit? It honestly doesn’t make sense. One word…corruption. Another word…China.

So here we are now.

We are watching as the most egregious polices imaginable are rolled out one by one. Radical, far-leftist, globalist, anti-constitutional and anti-God policies that are the worst pieces of legislation our nation has ever seen be brought to the floor—and some may actually pass. Others already have. Executive orders are being signed like autographs…one after another…undoing ‘America First’, and implementing an ‘America Last’ agenda. This isn’t what we voted for. This is almost like a nightmare, yet it is real. Very real. This is happening.

What we must do is simple. It’s a two prong strategy.

First, we cannot just move on and forget about what has taken place. What happened was the biggest crime our nation has ever seen. It’s bigger than Watergate. It is the biggest political theft our modern world has ever witnessed…and we can’t simply forget and move on. The world is watching. Hero’s like Mike Lindell and others have done what our letter agencies should have. They have stepped up! Thank you!

Citizen journalists and those with enough courage to fight have become like modern day folk hero’s. I walked into CPAC with Mike Lindell and a group of people and the crowd literally cheered him and got on their feet as if he was the biggest celebrity in the room. These warriors are now legends in our own time because they actually are willing to put it all on the line to stand up for our Republic. What a concept right? Meanwhile, where are our national law enforcement agencies? Crickets. The people see. The people get it. This is not going away. We remember. We are still outraged.

So we have to keep praying for an expose’. That what was done in darkness will be brought to light. That justice will happen. That there will be some type of breakthrough where we will see those who perpetrated these acts, caught. The Bible says “what was done in darkness will be brought to light”. I don’t believe these people will ultimately get away with this. Too many are interceding. They are the “Remnant Warriors”. God hears the prayers of the righteous. But I must say, I am disappointed that so many others were willing to just move on so fast, without a fight, although I am not surprised at this. So many are not willing to endure. They lack the fortitude.

So prong one is, keep praying, don’t relent. Don’t give up. We must not. This needs to be addressed.

Here is prong two…This can never happen again.

We must become a force to be reckoned with. The time of the ‘silent majority’ is over. We must be out there! In their faces. Vocal. At the community gatherings. At the town halls. At the city council meetings. At the school board meetings. I’ll say it again…out there…vocal…in their faces. NOT VIOLENT! They must hear what we have to say. No more of this small group of people steering our great nation. No more of this demonic group of radicals pulling all of the levers! We cannot be silent ever again. We need to be poll watchers. We need to run for office. We need to be everywhere. The last thing we can do is sit this out!

The church must rise up like never before. We can’t be weak. We can’t be a silent pulpit. We must be standing for truth. Boldly. We must preach the full Bible. We must stop allowing ourselves to be canceled and silenced! We need to be the head and not the tail. We can’t seek to be ‘cool’ or ‘relevant’—Jesus is always relevant! We need to be changing this culture. Only by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit!

It is high-time for the American church to be the church! If you can’t preach the full Bible, then get out of the pulpit! If you have compromise in your life, get healing now and take a season to be delivered. We cannot be a bunch of motivational speakers, pastors. We must tell the truth and get people saved, set free, healed, and delivered. We must preach about the Blood, the Cross, repentance, and operate in the gifts. We must operate in the anointing!

It’s time for America to have an encounter with God. We can never go back to apathy again. We cannot allow tyranny to take over. The church has the power to push back the spirit of anti-Christ. The enemy knows the power we have when we walk in the authority of God’s Holy Spirit.

I know many are down. I know many are discouraged. But we must put our hurt feelings aside and get back in the game! We can win. It will take hard work. I don’t believe this is done yet. I believe we are being tested here. America will not be destroyed if we stand up now. We need to look at what happened in Nineveh! We need to turn from our wickedness and turn back to God. This will change everything. The gates of hell will not prevail against us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper! We are more than conquerors. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal!

We must shout from the rooftops. We must make them hear our voices. I could write so much more, but you will hear more from me soon.

So to recap, we don’t just ignore and forget what has happened. We talk about it. We pray about exposure. We will not relent. Secondly, we plan, strategize (by God-given, anointed strategies). And we get out there and get active! We cannot and will not ever be the “silent majority” again.

Get in the game. Dominate the game…

More to come.


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