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Pastor Todd Coconato says “The devil has overplayed his hand”…

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

I think the devil has overplayed his cards. The Left are extremely emboldened and going for blood. This is such a spiritual battle. Now Dominion is suing Mike Lindell. They won’t stop until anyone who dared to speak out is silenced, censored, and harassed. They will also not leave the Trump family alone…

Look, I could easily walk away and start strategizing in many ways (which we already are) regarding how we move forward, but I still can’t help to think about what just happened in the last election and feel like so few were really willing to fight for election integrity. Why? There were so many blatant anomalies! Not to mention, how can I trust the election system? It seems to me there are too many ways to cheat! If they did it this boldly this time, and got away with it, who is to stop them in any future election?

I cannot believe that Joe “basement” Biden got more votes than Barack Obama. I also saw the rallies for Trump and saw how many people came out. So many people that never even voted before, voted for Trump. Such diverse support. The people love Trump.

It doesn’t make any sense that Biden won. It logically does not make sense. It mathematically does not make sense. This is why I have continued to pray that God would expose what has been done in darkness. There has to be some type of justice here. I am sad that so few are willing to contend for this.

I still believe God is willing to move, in His way, at His timing, if we keep fervently praying!


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