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Pastor Todd Coconato put in ‘Facebook jail’ for the next 29 days for speaking up about Ukraine!

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In the world of unbelievable and draconian big-tech censorship, it’s no surprise that Facebook, whose parent company Meta Inc., has violated Pastor Todd Coconato’s 1st Amendment ability to speak freely by banning him from posting live videos for the next 29 days on the social media site. The post that got him temporarily banned was talking about the situation in Ukraine. Apparently, Ukraine is the new COVID and you can’t speak against the mainstream narrative on this subject! This is similar to what happened during the 2020 elections when President Trump’s account was taken down completely for no real reason.

It is unclear as to when Pastor Todd will be able to post regular posts again, but this greatly affects the ministry and this pastor’s ability to reach his more than 35K followers on his personal page. Many people look at this page each day for commentary and information purposes as well as to get encouragement and sound biblical teaching.

Pastor Todd is still able to post on his public page, link here which has over 108K followers, but will now have to use one of his administrator’s accounts in order to access it–at least for the next month. This is just the latest in egregious actions by the leftist big-tech companies who apparently are now after pastors who speak out against the mainstream narrative.

Please follow Pastor Todd’s public page and also visit his two websites www.ToddCoconato.com or www.Remnant.News.

You can also follow Pastor Todd on Telegram HERE, Gab HERE, Rumble HERE, and on Twitter HERE.

Pastor Todd is also on Truth Social (under @ToddCoconato) and GTTR HERE.

You can find his podcast by going to www.ToddCoconato.com/podcasts

This is very concerning, but we will continue to speak the truth no matter what! You can always come here to Remnant News for real talk, truthful reporting, and all of Pastor Todd’s videos, posts. and content.

To help support our efforts as we tirelessly fight, please go to www.toddcoconato.com.give.


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