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Pastor issues emergency warning to Americans.

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I know there are many who will be pushing the button for Joe Biden. I have warned for months now of the extreme danger we will be in as a nation if this man wins.

Some of heard the warning from myself and many others, while other have simply dismissed it or chose not to listen at all.

Now the day is almost here. Tuesday is the day.

I believe we are at a defining moment in history.

If the scale tips and the country votes for Joe Biden, I believe we will be entering into a very dangerous and dark period as a nation. This does not mean there won’t be a move of revival or that the church will cease to exist. The church will continue on globally until Christ returns.

What it will mean rather is that Gods mercy season on America and the reprieve specifically given to the Church, will be over. We will see a very wicked group regain control and continue to rapidly push their agenda into a one world global government. One that is run by the spirit of the Antichrist—setting the stage for the next chapter.

I believe if they win, they will make it so that no one like a Donald Trump or any nationalist, patriot, conservative, constitutional loving leader will ever be able to win again.

They will flood the country with infiltrators.

They will quickly move to abolish many of our rights.

They will go after religious liberty and make certain aspects of the Bible to be considered “hate” speech.

The whole country will look much more like California.

They will make DC and Puerto Rico a state.

They will pack the SCOTUS.

And then much darker…

They will lock back down.
They will force austerity measures on the people.
They will initiate the “global reset” in tandem with the rest of the globalist countries.
They will take away guns.
And they will come after dissidents.

Many people don’t understand where we are on the timeline.

A Joe or Kamala presidency would be the darkest and most wicked yet. We will move fast toward communism. China would be allowed to overtake the US. The world would be a much different place fast.

I’m not going to sugar coat it…Many of you have been deceived. You have bought into the lies that they have pushed on you. You think this is about “race” and all of these other issues they have highlighted so that they can divide us and take our eyes off of their very nefarious plans. They have always wanted us divided and angry. When we are divided, that’s when they can easily push their plans forward with little resistance.

So here we are.

I know I did my part. I researched, I studied their plans and websites. I listened to their speeches and I read their platform. I spent countless hours reporting what I found in intricate detail. I wrote daily articles and even a book on the subject.

I have shown up. I prayed. I did what I can do to warn. Many of us have worked very hard. Not just me. We put our lives on the line. The cost was high. We risked it all.

Thank you patriots. Thank you real preachers and remnant Christians. I know you understand what is going on. You are truly appreciated and God sees your efforts.

Now it is up to the rest of you.

Will you have ears to hear?
Will you be willing to study for yourself?
Will you wake up to the truth?
Or will you stay in the matrix?
Will you choose what appears to be the “easy” path?

Guess what, the easy path is really the path to our own demise. It won’t be easy at all. It’s actually a path to tyranny!

I believe many are now awake. Many have prayed. Many have fasted. But there is still a bunch of you that have chosen deception! You can’t get over the hate you have been fed. You have let them control you and poison your mind. You have let them feed you propaganda. You believed it. You have fallen into their trap of lies.

I tell everyone, “simply ask the Holy Spirit”!

Ask God if what this preacher is saying is true.

Ask God to show you and give you eyes to see!

We have found that many people who we thought were leaders really lack wisdom and discernment. I question if some are truly even followers of Christ at all.

So here we are.

We have done our part.

Now it’s up to the rest of us to either walk into the wide gate, or choose the narrow gate that leads into salvation and restoration.

We can still have more time. But we have to choose this path. God has given us a man that will help us have more time as a nation. He may not be perfect, but he is Gods man for the job. God gave us mercy in giving us Donald J. Trump.

Will we receive it?

We will know soon enough if America has chosen life or death. Either way, God is on the throne.

He has given us a choice.

What will we choose?? Light? Or Darkness?


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