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by | Jul 24, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Pastor, it’s time to open your church back up!

In my personal opinion, churches should be open. This is a religious liberties issue at this point.

I get the whole online thing, but I think the Bible is pretty clear about “not forsaking the assembling together of the brethren”. It’s not about the building, it’s about the Ecclesia. We are meant to gather together! For several important reasons. The devil wants us isolated.

In the beginning stages of the virus, I understand that we didn’t know what we know now. Now we know the truth.

If it’s a liability concern then here are some options—meet in home groups, use your parking lots or find a good outdoor space. Have tent gatherings. There is always a work-a-round. Ask God for wisdom. He will give a solution.

You Are Good: Calvary Chapel Chino Hills - YouTube

I really feel it’s important that churches all over America are meeting. We have seen that much of this is politicized. Several hundred people are in a Walmart or Home Depot at any given moment and yet the same amount cannot be in a church? It’s ok to be in a casino, but not a church? Come on now! This isn’t China!

It’s time to disobey tyrannical government edicts and meet anyway. The more churches that do this will make it harder to enforce their draconian mandates. The president already declared churches as “essential”. So churches have the same ability to meet as any “essential” businesses. Even more important, the constitution has already given us this right. The first amendment is clear on this. According to God, churches have always been essential!

There will be times now and in the future that we will have to disobey what the government officials say. Our authority is the Bible first. If the government goes against the Bible, we then listen to the Bible over the government.

As someone who cares deeply about religious liberties and freedoms in America and beyond, this is where I stand. I am not here to argue. I know some will disagree. I am not going to go back and forth on comments. Please keep them respectful and I will leave them.


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