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Now we know why they had the Russian Collusion narrative…connect the dots…

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

In 2016 President Trump wins a surprising victory catching the deepstate and globalists completely off guard by being able to out-maneuver their massive voter fraud system and obtain the White House. A great victory for the patriots and a massive blow to the cabal. Although he won fair and square, he was immediately accused of being helped by “Russia” who supposedly “hacked” the election.

The thing about it all is even though they claimed this, had a special counsel appointed, and spent millions of dollars on a massive investigation that took almost the entirety of President Trumps first 2 years in office, they never produced one shred of evidence. Russia did not “hack” anything. In the end, the only thing they were able to slightly prove is Russia paid for some Facebook ads. That’s it. And even that information is sketchy at best. They even dropped the case on the Russian nationals and the Mueller probe only brought indictments for unrelated, nominal charges in an effort to appear legit. Most people saw through their sham.

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Then of course after that was over, not much time went by until they started with the famous Ukraine hoax investigation which again took a minimum of almost a years’ time and again no evidence to support their conspiracy theories and erroneous claims.

What made these two false narratives continue to go on and on? Their ally the operation mockingbird mainstream media and big tech companies who do their bidding. We call them to their “megaphone”

Part two.

Why these two accusations? Why these exact story lines? Well…now we know.

In the first accusation of “Russia collusion” it was actually the deepstate players such as Clinton, Biden and Obama who had actually been in collusion with a foreign state actor. CHINA! And Russia (uranium one). So it now makes sense why they needed to misdirect and conger up this massive story. Because they knew that the white hats and good guys were on to them and they needed to accuse Trump of doing exactly what they had done. But it goes deeper. I’ll explain more in a minute…

In the second accusation…the Ukraine hoax, it was actually Joe Biden, who did the exact crime that they had blamed President Trump of doing. So this was again a massive misdirection and disinformation effort to confuse the public so that when this came out, they could say, with their friends in the media backing them, that it was simply retaliation for what they did to Trump and that it didn’t have any merit. But in their case, it is TRUE!

Are the dots beginning to be connected now? Think logically.

Now back to the Russian collusion hoax…NOW we are beginning to understand why they did that! Because there HAS been foreign intervention and interference in our elections (for a while now) and they knew that President Trump was going to out them for it! They needed to make a preemptive move. And they had the media to help them. And Hollywood. And all of their deepstate actors. The swamp runs deep.

So here we are now. The exact thing they blamed on Trump has happened. A foreign state actor has in fact interfered in our election. And… this foreign adversary DID actually “hack” the machines as this time they WERE connected to the internet…and they got caught!

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