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Lock-down States: States That Will Never Fully Reopen – Six Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Some states in the U.S. will be in lockdown forever.

That’s right.

There’s no end in sight.

Here are six reasons that they will continue to use the power of government to coerce and control – producing destruction of freedom, jobs and religious liberty.

The sad fact is the economic destruction on businesses, workers, entrepreneurs, and new business innovations is incalculable.

The unnecessary closing of schools is impacting the future of millions of kids and creating social and economic havoc on parents.

And the spike among kids and adults in suicide, addictions, depression, and much more is horrific.

But there will be a dozen states that will be in perennial lockdown despite the evidence the lockdowns didn’t work… and the states that didn’t lock down – or that removed the lockdowns last year – are doing better.

Here’s why:

1. Eight states never issued a stay-at-home order. Six states that did are completely reopened. And most states are mostly back to normal.

But several states are still wanting their control over people’s lives…where the power of the bureaucracy and the politicians has grown enormously since the start of the pandemic.

The politicians do not want to give up their power.

That’s right.

The politicians never want to give up their power, so that a governor like Cuomo of New York or Newsom of California will do everything they can to continue the control.

That’s compatible with their philosophy.

That’s compatible with their self-interest.

That’s compatible with their worldview.

They don’t believe in freedom. They believe in coercion.

They don’t trust people. They believe they have moral truth on their side.

They believe they are the answer and the protectors.

Basically, an anointed elite.

2. The bureaucracy never voluntarily gives up its power, money, and control.

In every state with a lockdown, the bureaucracy has grown dramatically.

They have more money.

They have more regulations.

They have more control.

And those bureaucrats have two goals:

  1. Expand their power.
  2. Never take a cut in their salaries and budgets – expand them.

They are unlikely to stop their lockdowns…it’s not in their self-interest.

3. The lockdown politicians and bureaucrats don’t want to stop continually regulating their economies.

Those states that are free states, without a lockdown, are the ones that are growing socially and economically.

It’s the states in lockdown that see stagnation and destruction.

It’s the states that are free without a lockdown that are booming.

4. The lockdown states don’t want to give up power and control over churches.

The U.S. Supreme Court says states must allow indoor services and home Bible studies.

The bureaucrats and politicians keep trying to regulate and control the lockdown states.

The states that are open are the ones in which the church is thriving and growing because they never stopped.

The states that stopped indoor – even outdoor – church services, ministries, prayer groups and home Bible studies are struggling.

5. Coronavirus will never end.

Any politician that says there will be zero COVID is not telling you the truth.

I’ve been saying this from the beginning.

Doctors have been saying this from the beginning.

We have to learn to live with COVID.

Some people want to vaccinate, some people do not.

For some the vaccine will work, for some it won’t.

Herd immunity is almost here and that’s going to be a huge protection.

But COVID is not going to go away.

Masks do not do anything with this virus.

Yet, the mask police have convinced most people that they must wear it.

It’s their political symbol.

But there’s no science behind it.

6. The political divide will become more intense.

Right now, when I am in a free state, I feel the freedom.

I feel the people’s excitement for life.

When I am in a lockdown state like California, I feel oppression.

I see depression.

I see fear.

I see people angry and turning on one another.

I see the devastation.

It’s the difference between night and day.

We need freedom.

Sadly, those in lockdown states are not likely to experience it…as long as they live in those states.


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