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Joe Biden already shows us some of what he would do, and it’s scary as can be…

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Joe Biden and the globalists haven’t taken power in the United States despite their media cohorts projection and yet they are already telling us many of their dark plans if they do. The fact is, Joe has not even been certified as a winner. He is not the winner! Yet we can already see some of the very scary and evil policies this regime intends to implement should they actually win. This is why we keep fighting against it! We have to stand with this president for the sake of this Republic!

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Here are just a few of their sick plans and the implications of a Biden/Harris administration:

1. Palestinian authorities are petitioning the possible “Biden administration” to move the Israeli embassy back to Tel Aviv.

2. Notice the sudden resurgence of ISIS? They will certainly be back as the globalists reignite them and use them for their purposes. (The paid mercenary army of the deepstate)

3. Mandatory mask mandates nationwide and a good chance of another shutdown. I know many of you said you won’t listen to this and I agree, but with this evil regime in power, they most certainly will try all they can to enforce this and many local authorities will capitulate. “Mask police” and fines will be in place. And think of the devastation on small businesses and retail…it would be a death blow!

4. Push us toward the “great reset” agenda. This is part of UN agenda 2030 and the globalist plan listed out on the world economic forum website.

5. Re-enter into the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. This is one of the worst deals in our nation’s history.

6. Re-enter into the world health organization which is run primarily by China.

7. Start moving towards the green new deal which would be a disaster for our economy, raise all of our taxes substantially and add on trillions of dollars of new debt.

8. Open the borders again. It will be like a flood!

9. Re-enter the Paris Climate Accord. Another disaster for our economy…

And the list goes on. We cannot ever have this man in office. This would be an absolute disaster for this country.

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Do anything you can to support the president’s efforts! Do not give up. Do not give in.

We must win this battle as this is only the beginning of their very dark and evil plans for our country and world.

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