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For those of you who are new to the #GreatAwakening, as you begin to research, you’re undoubtedly going to stumble upon the theory that JFK Jr faked his death and his helping the Alliance (Patriots, Q-Team, Digital Soldiers, Anons, POTUS, and global allies) in this war against the Cabal, or Deep State.
Many have asked me my opinion on it. My opinion on it has gone from thinking it was laughable to thinking it might be true to where I am now…. I honestly  don’t know. At the time, I was thinking it could be true. Now, I don’t know, but I will tell you what I do know.
John F Kennedy, Jr was truly a remarkable individual, and what made him remarkable is the fact that he wore being JFK, Jr very lightly. He once told a friend, “my whole life everyone has expected me to be a ‘great man,’ and it would be relatively easy for me to do so. But I think the more important goal, the goal to which I should strive is to simply be a good man.” I think that says a lot about the humility with which this man carried himself. We’re talking about a guy who’s birth was announced to the world, who spent his third birthday attending his assassinated father’s funeral, who’s other father figure, Bobby, was murdered just like his real father, and who was famous from the womb. At 25, he was named Sexiest Man Alive, yet you never hear of his womanizing or cheating. He was a one woman guy.
I believe that what made him most remarkable was how hard he strove to be unremarkable. He took a job as an assistant district attorney and rode his bike to work. He really wanted people to know that he was no better than anyone else. I really think it is important to begin this by illustrating that. The media tells their story of John’s life, attempting to portray him as a playboy with little interest in investigating his father’s and uncle’s assassinations. The story I’m about to tell you is what I’ve been able to put together from things that I’ve read that have been out of the mainstream, interviews with friends and other people said to have played a role.
It’s important to tell the backstory to make it all make sense.
When he was around 6 years old, he lay in bed, eavesdropping on a conversation between his Uncle Bobby and his mother. They were talking about his father’s assassination and the parties they believed to be responsible. Jackie reportedly had French Intelligence investigate and learned the horrid truth about that fateful, Autumn day under the blue, Texas sky. It was while listening to this conversation that the young boy, like any son of a murdered father, became determined to get justice.
After he’d come of age, finished college and law school, he took a job making $35,000 as an assistant district attorney in New York City. Many have speculated why someone with his resources, who could have had his pick of jobs at powerful, blue chip law firms, would take such a job. It was at that job that he learned the ins and outs of prosecuting criminals and also how to investigate. Things that would be invaluable in his quest for justice.
He began investigating his father’s assassination himself, seeking out retired intelligence officials. Many of whom were eager to help because they wanted to ease their own consciences. Once he learned the truth, he made a plan to go public with what he’d learned. He knew the power of his celebrity, being the son of Camelot, would ensure that he would have a wide audience. He went to his mother with his plan.
Pin on JFK JR
“No, John, please….you can’t….no,” Jackie pleaded.
“I’m going to do this, Mom. He deserves justice.”
“John, please….I’m begging you.”
“I’m going to expose my father’s killers if I have to bring down the government to do it!!!”
“And what do you think they’ll do to you? Huh? I’ll tell you what…. the same thing they did to Jack. The same thing they did to Bobby when he tried. NO!”
“I’m not afraid of them!”
“I’ve already buried your father and Bobby. Please don’t make me have to bury you.”
These words pierced his body slowly, painfully. She’d found his Achilles heel. He didn’t want to see his mother have to endure any more pain, so he relented. He played the part, spoke at the 1988 Democratic convention and was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” He dated movie stars, did charity work, giving off every illusion of not being interested in running for office or bringing his father’s killers to justice. That, however, couldn’t have been farther from the truth.
His mother’s death in 1994 reignited his desire to go public. In the years following the assassinations, the people responsible had consolidated massive amounts of power. They had controlled the presidency for nearly 30 years and had total control of nearly every aspect of American life. John knew that time was running out, not just for America, but for him as well.
While he may have been portrayed as a laid back playboy by the media, he knew that the killers knew differently, and the closer he got to his 35th birthday, the age at which he would be eligible to run for President, the more dangerous he became to them. Once again, he was determined to go public just to be talked out of it by a family member. This time, it was his other uncle, Ted Kennedy. He pointed out that they wouldn’t just go after him but would also go after those about which he cared the most, so he came up with another plan.
Michelle Obama Reveals What Was in the Tiffany Box From Melania ...
In 1995, he, along with business partners, started GEORGE, a monthly, political magazine. Many have speculated about his naming it GEORGE, and many have been wrong. His naming it GEORGE was a veiled threat to the only surviving person, who played a key role in his father’s assassination, George Herbert Walker Bush, America’s 41st President. Bush’s unbelievable inability to remember where he was when JFK was assassinated, an event that literally everyone could recall where they were, what they were doing, and who they were with when it happened, was the least suspicious thing. All one has to do is a little research into Bush’s activity in the days leading up to and on November 22, 1963 along with his involvement with the CIA, and it becomes clear that he played a key role. By naming the magazine GEORGE, John was saying, “this is one piece of the media that you do not control.
I know what you did, and I will tell all.” It served as somewhat of a life insurance policy following his 35th birthday due to the fact that he could have had it set up where if something were to happen to him, an article would be written in GEORGE telling all, and his death would confirm it and bring down the whole house of cards.
In late 1998, New York’s senior Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, announced that he wouldn’t be seeking another term. Even though he had expressed no interest in running, early polls showed John the clear favorite for the Democratic nomination and, ultimately, the Senate seat. The consensus was that if he wanted it, it was his to lose. That posed a real problem to another prominent Democrat with their eyes on the seat, Hillary Rodman-Clinton, who was First Lady of the United States at the time. By the summer of 1999, rumors were everywhere in New York and Washington DC that John would be announcing his candidacy at any day.
On the evening of July 16, 1999, John, his wife, Carolyn, and sister-in-law, Lauren, boarded his Piper Saratoga 2 twin engine airplane. They were headed to Martha’s Vineyard to attend the wedding of John’s cousin, Rory. They never made it. At around 9:30pm, the plane disappeared from radar over the Atlantic. It was found four days later, and all aboard were said to have perished. The likely cause of the crash, according to investigators and the media, was spatial disorientation, which means that John lost the ability to differentiate between the water and the sky. They claimed that this was due to bad weather conditions and John’s inexperience as a pilot.
Now, on to the two theories. There is one aspect agreed on by people from both sides of the argument, and that is that the crash was no accident. Hillary Clinton needed that Senate seat to kick off her own path to the White House, and all one has to do is look at the list of friends, associates, witnesses and rivals of the Clintons who have met strange, untimely demises to begin to speculate that they may have played a role. This is further validated by the many strange things associated with the crash. First, the debris field was spread over 14 nautical miles which is much more consistent with an explosion. Secondly, the rapid rate of descent of the plane, the way it appeared to just fall out of the sky, is much more consistent with an explosion.
Two witnesses on the ground reported seeing a bright flash in the sky where John’s plane would have been at that exact time, and another reported hearing an explosion. All of the gauges in the interior of the plane were melted. Again, something that is much more consistent with an explosion. The fact that all three autopsies took only four hours, and that John, a lifelong catholic, was cremated was also bizarre. There are many more, and I am going to post a link to a documentary in the comments for you see for yourself. The most damning, in my opinion, is the fact the files on the search and recovery were classified until 2029 for reasons of national security. Why would the search and rescue of a magazine publisher have any impact on national security? That’s the first theory, that John was murdered by the Deep State to ensure that Hillary got the Senate seat, and that John would never expose the truth about JFK.
The second theory actually goes all the way back to Lee Harvey Oswald, and this is something that I’ll get into when I finally do my video series on the Kennedy assassinations. There are two sides of the intelligence community, the military agencies, who are mostly patriots and want America to remain a sovereign nation, and civilian agencies like the CIA, who are trying to abolish our national sovereignty and bring us under a one world government. This isn’t something that just started. It’s been going on since World War 2. There is reason to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was, in fact, Naval intelligence and had infiltrated the plot to assassinate JFK and was set up to be the patsy after his cover was blown. Since they failed to protect JFK, Navy intelligence were on a mission to protect JFK, Jr, and they intercepted the plot to blow up his plane.
The bomb that was on the plane supposedly had an altitude trigger which means that when the plane reached a certain altitude, the bomb would arm and then detonate when the plane began its descent, thus making it appear to be pilot error. John, Carolyn, and Lauren all went to the airport that night, but they didn’t get on the plane.
The plane was instead flown by a Navy pilot, who carried a recording of JFK, Jr, radioed the tower and played the recording, and then parachuted to safety while the plane exploded. John, Carolyn, and Lauren went into witness protection. Some things that validate this are the fact that the Navy actually took over the investigation from the Coast Guard. Another is the fact that the fuel switch was turned to the OFF position. This is something that could have only been done purposely, and it is thought that the Navy pilot did this before ejecting to ensure the planet crashed if the bomb didn’t detonate.
The other side of this theory sort of stems around the friendship between John and Trump. In a 1999 episode of Larry King Live, Trump read on air a handwritten note sent to him by John offering condolences to Trump over the passing of his father. The letter was dated July 19, 1999. John crashed on July 16, and Trumps body language in the interview was rather uncharacteristic. The Plan to take back the country from the Deep State has been decades in the making, and it is thought that John was the first choice to take back the presidency.
This was made impossible by the plane crash which resulted in Trump being chosen, and John is helping behind the scenes. Q has made several posts about JFK, Jr that lend credibility to the theory, and many people have decoded messages that lead them to believe that he is alive. There have also been people spotted in the VIP sections at Trump rallies that are clearly wearing disguises, and Trump often interacts with these people. In addition to them, there have been people that bear a striking resemblance to Carolyn and Lauren along with two children, a boy and girl, that are thought to be JFK, Jr’s children. The girl is a spitting image of Carolyn when she was young, so there is some traction to this theory.
As I said in the beginning, my opinion on the subject is I don’t know. I will say that I do believe that he was part of the Plan in the early days. I do believe that he was going to run for the NY Senate seat and use that as a springboard to the White House. He would’ve been an unbeatable candidate, so I think that he was probably the first choice for the role of president in this operation.
Now, is he alive, or is he dead? Again, I don’t know. There have been many things that lead one to believe that he is alive. There have been anonymous callers into podcasts, who sound an awful lot like John. There have been pictures and video footage of a gray-haired man that bears a striking resemblance to JFK, Jr. On the other hand, there are just as many reasons to believe that he died. The most glaring is the whole, “too good to be true,” aspect of the story. It sounds like something out of a fairy tale or movie like the Lion King. Secondly, Q has stated on three different occasions that he is, in fact, dead, but this could be something that they aren’t ready to reveal yet.
Lastly, I think the whole theory that he’s alive could be a Deep State PsyOp to discredit the Q movement. Last year, if one were to Google QAnon, most of the articles led with the same thing, “QAnon is the far right conspiracy theory that JFK, Jr faked his death and is working with Trump to help bring down a network of elite pedophiles.” Anyone who is ignorant of Q and the #GreatAwakening and reads that are going to automatically think that anyone that follows Q is a total lunatic. PsyOps like that are straight out of the Deep State’s playbook, so it’s very plausible that could be the case. That’s why we all need to be careful here. Operate based on facts.
I hope this helps clear things up for everyone.
In closing, I want to say that regardless of whether or not JFK, Jr is alive physically, his spirit lives on. It’s the same spirit that was alive in that little boy as he stood on the street curb saluting the casket of his slain father on his third birthday. It’s the spirit that was alive in April, 1775 as Paul Revere rode, crying, “the British are coming!” It’s alive in every video, blog, and social media post by Patriots all over the world as we stand, fists in the air, shouting the timeless refrain of Patriots made famous by Patrick Henry that has echoed down through the ages…..
Give us Liberty or give us death!!!
Let justice be done, though the heavens fall
“We are here to save the children.” -Q


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