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Its time to WAKE UP AMERICA!

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

I know many people still don’t understand a lot of what is going on right now. I get it. I don’t know how much more it will take to wake you up! I really don’t, but I would ask that you at least read this post if you care about your own life and your family’s…

First, please stop believing the mainstream media that lies to you. It’s been bought out by traitors and China. All you need to do is follow the money. It’s propaganda. I am a pastor (but have lived a lot and am not just a preacher) and I am trying to tell you the truth! I am shouting from the rooftops! I’ve done my research for years now. I also know many of the players personally and have been on the inside in many of these areas. God allowed my testimony so that I could share these things. You may not understand this aspect.

How many times do I and people who are like me, risking it’s all to wake you up, need to be right before you start listening and believing? How many times??? We are trying to show you what is happening. That is all. I get nothing for this other than a ton of attack, harassment and even threats and so much more. Why would I risk it all if I didn’t care? God has put this burden on my heart for a reason!!!

I am going to once again lay this out for those with ears to hear. Please know I say this in love. But it’s high-time people get this (finally) and connect the dots…

1. Stop being afraid of COVID19! Yes, it’s real. I know first hand. But here’s the deal…you have a better chance dying in a plane crash then dying from COVID19! The current death rate is 0.02%. Yes if you have a compromised immune system or are over the age of 65 you should take it more seriously and be wise. But let me also tell you that almost no one has died of the flu this year according to the numbers. On a normal year 60K plus die of the flu. A little strange wouldn’t you say?

Just so happens that this year the year on year death rates are in line EXACTLY to a normal year. That doesn’t sound like a pandemic to me. When the Spanish flu hit, they were extensively more than other years.

Hospitals receive additional money when they have a covid death. Hospitals are struggling just like everyone else financially. If someone dies of anything, but had covid (which can text positive for a cold) then they are labeled as “covid”.

Thanks to our great president and those working with him to find a cure, there are also many medications and treatments that are working and working well. So stop the fear!

Covid is a vehicle that is being used by the globalists to push us into a new financial system. They are calling it the “great reset”. It’s NOT a conspiracy. This is what is happening. They are also working with China to transfer global power over from the United States to China so that they can get rid of the protections offered in the constitution and bring us into a new world order. A globalized world of more central control. So much is at stake for Americans. Much of our lives will drastically change if this is allowed and completed. Feel free to ask me more questions about this, but I highly encourage you to do some real research.

Now to the election…

2. The election was stolen. Flat out. Trump won in a landslide. He almost won every state! What happened is this is a coup and what is called a “color revolution” that China, along with treasonous people who are bought and paid for in our own country and government helped them in a collaborative effort between China, the deepstate, the CIA and others. (There are few other players in this also)

If you believe Biden won you are uninformed. It’s so obvious I don’t quite frankly know how you can believe this, but it probably goes back to listening to the mainstream media and not understanding what is going on here.

The deepstate, the globalists, China, the CIA and those operatives working with them need Biden in there to complete the globalist agenda (UN agenda 20/30 and the Great Reset). Biden is a puppet and a treasonous traitor who has sold out this nation for years. Much like the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, Kerry and Kamala Harris. These people have committed major crimes. They are part of a criminal cabal that has overtaken our republic and is set to complete their mission and take away our freedom and rights once and for all.

None of this is fake. None of this is exaggerated. This is reality.

Now here’s the deal. If you are a pastor, open up your church. Defy. Resist. Push back against the tyranny. If your denomination has bought the lie and drank the coolaide to, then don’t listen to them either. Open up. It’s time to be the church. Our country needs us. People need open churches! Stop listening to people who don’t understand what is happening.

If you somehow think the president should stop fighting or concede then you are basically saying we should allow him to give the keys of the country over to communism. Maybe you want to be a slave or you don’t understand what that means, but I personally don’t want that for my kids and grandchildren. Communism is awful. Read about it. Ask someone who has lived under it. Wake up.

The president not only has every right to invoke the insurrection act, but if we can’t work this out through the corrupt system, that is our only chance other than civil war or falling to communist China. How much more treason and subversion needs to happen for you to be ok with standing by our president? A man who has risked it all for us to try and restore our Republic and constitution! A true patriot who has fought for even those who hate him!

So I am sorry if I have offended you or if you think I am crazy, but I am 100% telling you the truth. And this is for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

It’s time for us to stand up America. We’ve had it real easy up until now and now is our 1776 moment. It’s now or never. If we sit back and just do nothing, we will lose this nation…

We must pray, fast, repent, take this seriously, know and understand what is going on here, be informed, wake up, and rise to this occasion.


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