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God gave me a word to share today…

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Uncategorized | 2 comments


  1. Maria C. Salazar

    Thank you so much for sharing the word. Prayers for full recovery “No Weapons Formed Against You Shall Prosper “I am h go lad to see you

    • Cathy Hendricks

      Could I Please get Prayers for number of things. My job sales has went down tremendously, and new company bought and the percentage I was getting went from 4 percent to 2 percent on some merchandise, and than when I made appointment I was allowed to get the referrals back from the 1st appt. Now manager and other is taking that from me. I’m struggling with the job and I’m Praying God help me with appointment and sales unless He wants different job. I found out even though I work for this company I can’t get a part time job or they will terminate me. Prayers God give me Favor and Anointed fall upon me, He’ll go before me and walk behind me clearing the path for me until Hel, YAHWEH-JIREH my Provider, show me what to do I realize at my age factory and other facilities don’t wNt to hire me. Prayers God Open New doors before this job is gone.. It’s been on my heart photography but I have no experience or not good camera my job keeps doing away little by little to where now they take referrals and tells me I have to do better. Prayers God show up and direct my path.. Prayers for financial Stability, Better pay, and God Breath on my situations, Prayers for my relationship with my kid she’s 28 and her dad give her plane tickets every holiday, and I can’t compete with and I tried to send money numerous of times and ship and she won’t allow it plus she has moved, he encouraged her to move to New York Manhattan, and now she lives by herself concerned about her, she went their doing internship at facilities while in college one summer. She live it so much she moved after college. She quick her job after being there before doing so she got a job.at.bar and health gym. Now she doing photographer at games at college and other games basketball, ice hockey and other sports in different states. I’m concerned for her safety and if I try saying something it only pulls us further apart. Please Pray 🙏🙏😭😭. I’ve been Praying but starting to give up with everything I once believe in. God Bless and Please Pray for God Hands on me for Protection at work. Few people at my job doesn’t care at all for me.. God Bless you and keep you and family safe..


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