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Gas crisis reminiscent of the ’70s in the South and many more plagues devastates the nation as Biden Administration fails in multiple areas.

by | May 11, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In recent months, many people have opted out of flying and are driving further distances (in their vehicles) to their destinations due to all of the COV ID restrictions. Now, due to the “hacking” of the pipeline, many gas stations in the South are out of gas.

Reminiscent of the 70s, Biden now has a gas crisis, a Middle-East that has once again erupted, renewed contention with Russia, North Korea, China, and a self-induced divided society here at home.

We are also seeing inflation like we have not seen in decades. Religious liberty and freedoms are under attack like never before. So are our first and second amendment rights. And to top it all off, thousands are crossing the border illegally every single day—children are being trafficked by coyotes and there is a massive humanitarian crisis where FEMA had to build large tent facilities.

This is only 100 + days in. Not to mention irregularities are being uncovered in multiple states clearly showing it’s not just a “conspiracy”.

It is clear this “Administration” is in way over their head. Yet where is the negative coverage from the media? Where is their daily hit-pieces and collaborated take-downs? It’s pretty obvious by now that the mainstream corporate media are in bed with the globalists.

President Trump was right once again. The media are indeed the enemy of the people!

Are we awake yet?


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