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Clay Clark’s “Health and Freedom Conference” streamed by millions world-wide. Clark plans second event at The River Church in Tampa this June!

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Business Coach, Podcast host, and entrepreneur Clay Clark has received raving reviews from the thousands who attended in person and millions who streamed online for the “Health and Freedom Conference” that took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma in early April. The atmosphere was vibrant as thousands of unmasked patriots and Christians felt a spirit of unity as they uncovered and exposed much of the fake news media’s narrative about the COVID-19 “pandemic” and its many egregious and unconstitutional ordinances and shameful infringements on Americans rights.

Speakers like General Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne and a massive line-up of social media influencers, doctors, pastors, and truth-tellers shared their thoughts and stories to conference attendees and listeners as many made headlines for their bold and unfiltered remarks. There was even an opportunity for those in attendance to receive prayer from leaders and intercessors in the crowd. Many are speaking about revival and believe that God is not done with America yet, but instead that we will soon see a powerful move of His Spirit and great awakening!

Remnant News was on the scene to speak with many of the speakers and attendees. What we observed is an optimistic crowd of ‘battle-hardened patriots’ and strong believers that are still praying for the United States and who are unwilling to allow this country to slip into the hands of the deep-state and communists. Many felt this conference was the beginning of something even bigger. We were encouraged to see that people have not given up hope on seeing justice take place for what happened in the 2020 elections and that there will be some type of major breakthrough that shifts the current trajectory of the country.

Below we have highlighted many of the speeches for those who have yet to watch. Clay says that there will be a second conference held in Tampa, Florida in mid-June. This will be held at The River Church, in Tampa which is home of Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne. Browne had his own tale with regard to COVID-19 as he was the first pastor in America to be arrested for holding services early on in the pandemic. We believe that God is moving and will use this and many other similar movements to spark the flames of revival here in America. We plan on covering the Tampa event in June as well. Stay tuned!

We commend Clay Clark for answering God’s call and holding these events. Pastor Todd Coconato had Clay Clark on the Todd Coconato Show “The Remnant News” last month. Please listen HERE

To get tickets for the June event go HERE

Click links below to watch the conference…


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