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Can you help Remnant News this #GivingTuesday?

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

This is a very important #GivingTuesday post. I know it’s somewhat obnoxious to hear people asking for help. Trust me I get it. The fact is, we are literally at war right now and our very little team at Remnant News is fighting harder then we ever have. To be honest, this is all-out information warfare.

We are a new type of missionary in today’s very high tech and fast pace world. But it’s deeper than that. They are now going after our hosting sites. What that means is the sites that host our websites are being affected and we have to get our support team to work to fix it. On Thanksgiving, they went after ToddCoconato.com. They are also going after our social media and video hosting sites as well. Taking down our ability to run ads. Taking down monetization features and more.

It’s nuts.

We’ve never seen anything like this.

They simply don’t want us speaking the truth. This reminds me of communist China or The Soviet era. How can this be happening in the USA? We can’t let this be our reality. We must push back now! Last month, we reached over 1.5 million people on our combined sites. That’s why they are worried. It may be more than that, but that is what we have visibility to see on the dashboards. I’m not even including the podcast in this number. We need to stay agile and one step ahead of them. That takes resources and unfortunately, money! This is to keep this operation going. And to expand on new sites in the midst of the warfare and attack.

I say that to say this…we trust God. We trust He has called us to do this. He has taken us this far.

We believe we will win.

It comes at a very high cost and price, but we also know we are taking the territory. We will not stop. We will not give up. We will not grow weary. If we have to sell things, we sometimes do. Whatever it takes. If you are able to help this Giving Tuesday, please pray about it. This is a just cause. It goes to the ministry. It’s also tax-deductible.

Set up a monthly donation on number

1. (That is the biggest help ever!) 🙏1. You can go here: https://rmntnews.com/…/please-help-us-fund-the-operation/

2. You can also go here: www.toddcoconato.com/give

3. You can also use Venmo: @ToddCoconato

4. You can also go here: www.paypal.me/toddcoconatoThank you and we vow to never give up and never give in!

We will stand until the end! God bless you!!


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