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In a nutshell, this may be the best pathway for the president.

In a nutshell, this may be the best pathway for the president.

Written by Dave Hayes

It’s been three weeks since the 2020 election and many people feel like they’ve been riding on an emotional roller-coaster. It has been an honor to stand beside patriots who stood fast, firm in their convictions, and refused to surrender their hope for the future of our nation.

The path for President Trump to obtain enough votes in the electoral college to win re-election has now been revealed. The effort hinges on the public exposure of election fraud in hearings that began last Wednesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and continue next week in Arizona on Monday and Michigan on Tuesday.

Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani have made clear their strategy for getting Donald Trump re-elected. They intend to present evidence of widespread election fraud that calls into question the validity of the popular vote in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Although the public spotlight is currently focused on lawsuits that may prove in court claims about election fraud, it’s worth remembering that Presidents are not elected by the courts. On December 8th, state legislatures will choose electors who will vote in the electoral college on December 14th. The vote of the electoral college will determine the next President.

Although a state’s electors typically vote in accordance with the popular vote of that state, the public hearings on election fraud are intended to present compelling evidence to state legislators as to why they should choose electors who will ignore the popular vote of their state and instead vote for Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona all have Republican-controlled state legislatures. Giuliani and Ellis are presenting evidence that the popular vote is fraudulent, which will remove the expectation that legislators must honor it when choosing electors. Having discredited the popular vote, Trump’s attorneys will remind Republican legislators that they have the power to choose electors as they see fit. Giuliani and Ellis will dare legislators to choose Biden over Trump and justify that decision to their constituents.

That, in a nutshell, is Donald Trump’s path to re-election. It will be difficult for state legislators not to choose electors for Trump once evidence of election fraud has been provided to them and to the public. Indeed, the Republican legislators who will choose electors have already signaled their intent to support Trump by agreeing to hold these hearings in the first place. The outcome of the electoral college vote is merely a formality.

It’s true, the media will vehemently protest such a move and claim that electors are chosen by voters on election day and that legislators cannot overrule them. But Article II of the Constitution is clear—state legislators are not required to honor the popular vote when choosing electors, even in states where laws have been passed to that effect. Chief Justice Rehnquist argued that point in Bush v. Gore as noted by Lawfare.

In exercising their power to decide how electors are to be chosen, legislatures could not be constrained by either state law or the state’s constitution. If a state’s constitution, for example, said that the people shall choose the electors in an election, that rule did not in fact constrain the state legislature. Instead, “after granting the franchise” to the people, as a majority of the Supreme Court in Bush put it, a legislature could “take back the power to appoint electors” “at any time.” Or put differently, when the legislature acted pursuant to the power granted to it by Article II, it stands above any limits imposed by state law. 

I believe Donald Trump will be re-elected. His legal team has developed a brilliant strategy and Republican legislators are on board with the plan. There is little that can be done to stop Trump from being re-elected.  While many people will choose to fret over the outcome of the election, I choose to see it as the inevitable outcome of a superior strategy. It’s time to move on.

It has been an honor to provide information and commentary on the election and its tumultuous aftermath. I can say today with confidence that the election crisis we’ve experienced—whether real or only perceived—is fully in the hands of God.

We will continue to report as breaking news develops!

(This article has been written by David Hayes, a contributor to RMNT News.)

Supreme Court blocks strict COVID-19 restrictions on some New York houses of worship

Supreme Court blocks strict COVID-19 restrictions on some New York houses of worship

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious freedom Wednesday night, temporarily blocking recent rules in New York that severely restricted gatherings at houses of worship in areas hit hardest by COVID-19. This is in alignment with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The court’s new, more conservative majority ruled 5-4 that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s limits on churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship to 10 or 25 worshipers were simply unconstitutional.

“Even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten,” the court’s unsigned majority opinion said. “The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty.”

It was a reversal from earlier actions taken by the high court in response to state restrictions on organized religion during the coronavirus pandemic. The justices previously refused to lift restrictions on churches in California and Nevada, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the court’s four liberals in upholding state restrictions. Now, justice has been restored.

Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch took direct aim at Roberts’ earlier opinion in the California case, arguing that ceding authority to elected officials takes judicial modesty too far.

“It is time – past time – to make plain that, while the pandemic poses many grave challenges, there is no world in which the Constitution tolerates color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues, and mosques,” he wrote.

Associate Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan emphasized the pandemic’s impact on the nation and New York in particular. Thank God they are now overruled!

The New York restrictions, announced in October, were challenged by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Agudath Israel, an Orthodox Jewish congregation. They rightfully claimed Cuomo’s order targeted houses of worship while treating secular institutions less stringently and allowing essential businesses to operate without restrictions.

“The governor openly admitted that his executive order is a ‘blunt’ policy ‘being cut by a hatchet,'” lawyers for the diocese wrote. “The pandemic alone cannot justify overbroad, untailored closure orders of indefinite duration directed at all ‘houses of worship’ that in another time would plainly be found to violate the Constitution.”

The Orthodox Jewish organization said its members were being singled out for “discriminatory targeting” because of past violations of COVID-19 restrictions by some Orthodox Jews. It called that “guilt-by-religious-association.” 

“The restrictions have eliminated the ability of many Jews to worship on important religious holy days,” its lawyers wrote. “None of this is necessary to protect public health.”

In response, state Solicitor General Barbara Underwood noted that New York was the national epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring and has seen more than 26,000 deaths, including over 16,000 in New York City alone. Lately, she wrote, the state began observing “clusters” in some communities and chose to combat them.

“The restrictions significantly constrain the extent to which gatherings may occur,” she acknowledged. But she noted that comparable secular gatherings, such as concerts and other events, “are completely prohibited.” I guess she must have forgotten the protests of BLM and Antifa that the Left seems to blatantly ignore.

The balancing act between public health and religious liberty has given the high court trouble since the spring. The justices ruled 5-4 in May against a California church seeking to exceed a 25% capacity limit that was more stringent than local businesses faced. In July, it upheld Nevada’s 50-person limit on church gatherings while letting casinos, bars and restaurants operate at 50% capacity.

This is now a new day and a new court! American houses of worship deserve to be able to meet freely and without government control. This is why we are fighting to expose the lies of those who seek to abuse power in the name of the “pandemic”. We will continue to follow this story.

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