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Video: Cruz missile hits Twitter’s Jack Dorsey!

Video: Cruz missile hits Twitter’s Jack Dorsey!

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ripped into Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during a hearing with tech titans on Wednesday, accusing him and his social media platform of improperly censoring reporting that reflected poorly on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, asking at point, “Who the hell elected you?

The exchange comes as Republicans over the last several weeks have decried Twitter’s actions to lock the New York Post’s Twitter account, and censor links to the outlet’s stories, on Biden’s son, Hunter, and his overseas business dealings.

Dorsey said this was due to a policy regarding hacked materials, because the stories were based on emails from Hunter Biden’s purported laptop. Cruz noted that a New York Times article about President Trump’s tax returns did not face the same treatment, even though the materials appeared to be leaked illegally.

“Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear, and why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic super PAC silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs?” Cruz asked.

Dorsey claimed that this was not the case. He also denied that Twitter has the ability to influence elections, a claim that Cruz derided as “absurd.”

“You’re testifying to this committee right now that Twitter, when it silences people, when it censors people, when it blocks political speech, that has no impact on elections?”

“People have choice of other communication channels,” Dorsey claimed.

“Not if they don’t hear information,” Cruz shot back. “If you don’t think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything?”

Dorsey claimed that his policies are “making sure more that voices on the platform are possible,” which is done by silencing abuse and harassment. He did admit that the policy under which the Post story was censored was flawed, and that other users should not have been blocked from sharing links to it. He claimed that individual users could now share the Post story, but soon after Cruz tweeted that this was still not the case.

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How can anyone who cares about our country still vote for Joe?

How can anyone who cares about our country still vote for Joe?

It’s less than a week before the election and many new revelations have now come out…Let’s really think about what a vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually means at this juncture in the election.

According to Joe…

1. You can kill babies up to birth and even after.

2. You can support a man who is obviously working with and receiving money from our biggest strategic global adversaries both China and Russia. (This alone should be a dealbreaker!!)

3. There is a good chance Joe and Kamala will push the “green new deal” and strike a massive blow to our energy independence and fracking industry.

David Bossie: Biden wrong on China his entire career – let's look at the record | Fox News

4. They openly admit they will raise your taxes.

5. Joe talks about a “dark winter” where there is a good chance he will shut us back down and make masks mandatory nationwide.

6. The stock market and 401Ks will tank due to these policies…more businesses will close. Massive job loss on an epic scale will occur.

7. There will be a major assault on religious liberties right out of the gate.

8. Beto will be in charge of “coming for your guns”!

9. Thousands upon thousands will pour in our southern border as border restrictions are lifted and globalist politics are adopted once again.

10. There are pictures of Joe’s son with underage family members in compromising positions.

This is ok to you?

A vote for Joe is a vote for our own destruction.

Vote Trump 2020…for God and for country!