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An open letter to the Republican Party from “We The People”…

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Remnant News | 0 comments

Dear Republican Party.

We write you today simply as a concerned patriots and citizens of the United States of America. We have voted Republican for many years. We are your base. We want to be heard today. We believe we have earned that right.

We believe in the values of the Republican Platform and have fought to defend this nation against those who have sought to take us away from the constitution and the Biblical values this nation was founded on.

America has been a great nation because America started on Godly values and principles. That is the foundation of this country. One of the most important and fundamental values and rights of the American citizenry is to be able to vote in a free, fair and honest election system.

We write you today so that many others can also have a voice. Not just us, but the silent majority that we represent. “We the people”. We the people who have raised money for you and stood with you for decades are in great distress this day.

We cannot believe what we are witnessing before our eyes. Not only do we seen the tremendous fraud and corruption that has taken place here, but we see people in the party like Mitch McConnell actually defending what just happened by threatening members of the Senate who would even question the outcome of this election. This is simply unacceptable! We reject this outrageous and cowardly behavior!

We saw the boat parades.
We witnessed the truck and car caravans.
We all saw the massive rallies all around the country! This is a massive movement! We are that movement. We are the people that got you elected. We are the people that gave you the money. We are the people that worked tirelessly to help you win.

Now, we must warn you. We are fed up!
We are infuriated at what we are seeing!
We will not take this sitting down!

Listen to this threat very carefully today. It is legitimate.

We want our vote to count. Our votes were stolen and we know it. Everyone knows it.

If you don’t grow a backbone and defend our president then you will lose a massive majority of your supporters! We are talking in the tune of millions of us. We will simply no longer vote and subtract any support of you. We will leave the party in droves. How could we ever trust our vote again? We cannot.

If you don’t make a major about face right now and come to the defense of the American people regarding what just happened in this election, then we speak for the silent majority in saying…we are done with you! We will start a new party and vote you out!

This party (the people) are loyal to President Trump. He is our rightful president. He is the leader of this party. We know he won, and we will not tolerate this election being stolen from us.

We are taking note and taking names of those who are stabbing this president in the back and cowering to China, corruption and the socialist mob.

This is your wake up moment. We are putting you on notice. Either you defend this president and stop what just happened, which is the kind of thing that happens in a banana republic, or we will no longer trust the voting system. Why would we?

We are sorry this needed to be so blunt, but we have heard the conversations for weeks and we know the temperature of the American people right now. We are outraged at the Republican leaders who are literally acting like cowards.

Thank God to the few patriots in the party that are willing to stand. This needs to be an example for you all to follow. The rest of the party needs to come to terms that we are loyal to President Trump and our country, not you. So either defend him and our country or we are walking away from you also.


Your base


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