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Pastor Todd Coconato is a licensed and ordained minister since 2004. He is also a national speaker and evangelist.

Pastor Todd appears in the media, speaks at conferences, churches, and faith-based events. He also is a faith advisor and worked in collaboration with the Trump campaign’s “faith-based team” to help organize and spiritually advise on various issues, initiatives, and speak at events.

Todd is the President of the Religious Liberties Coalition (RLC), which is a non-profit, national coalition of pastors and ministry leaders.  He is also the founder of Remnant News, which is a Christian News publication. Todd is host of the radio show “The Todd Coconato Show — The Remnant” and serves as the head of Todd Coconato Ministries, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Todd is fervently praying and believing for revival and a spiritual awakening in the United States and beyond.

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