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A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the “Great Reset” and plan of the globalists–Be informed!

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So you want to vote Biden?

Do you know what that actually means?

I need to layout the deep state plan so that Biden voters understand what exactly you are voting for. There is a massive plan, that is well underway to have a major world “reset”. It’s actually called “the great reset”. Not many are talking about it, as the mainstream media (of course) will not report on this. That’s because they are controlled and completely compromised. But, I am covering this and so are many other concerned citizens and real journalists who are willing to blow the whistle and do the research on this evil agenda.

Annually, world leaders congregate in Davos Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. It’s there where many policy situations are discussed and global plans rolled out. Right on their website, you can read about this, so please don’t call it a “conspiracy”. Just google “great reset”.

They are planning that if Joe Biden wins, and their extensive and sophisticated plan to steal the election succeeds, then they will move forward with the next stage in their agenda. Covid was only the beginning. It was used as their vehicle to initiate this major change of world order. The last major change was during the Bretton Woods agreement.

Here is where it gets very dark.

The great reset involves a worldwide “debt jubilee”. That means all personal debt will be wiped out. Sounds great right? Many will fall for this. The issue is, no one (other than the elites) will own their property anymore. Everything will be “rented”. That means it can be taken away at any time.

Also, like social media, or the Chinese social credit score system, our bank accounts will be able to punish us if we go against the new global community standards. It’s like Facebook jail, but for your money. They will limit your ability to buy and sell based on your social credit. The US constitution and our rights will be greatly ratified and taken away in this new world order, as those rights would no longer exist.

Joe Biden is a globalist. He is part of this plan. He is part of the cabal. Plain and simple—he is simply a pawn. Joe will not be in charge, but rather a puppet for his globalist masters.

We need to wake up!

If Joe Biden wins, what will happen is they will shut things back down under the guise of “Covid”. Then they will crush what is left of small businesses and the economy so that the economic loss will be so extensive that the citizenry will need government aid to survive.

They want people to be completely dependent so they can roll out “universal basic income”. This would be like welfare for everyone. Barely just enough to live and survive. Completely dependent on the government. They would force you and your family to take vaccines in order to get your government money. They could cut you off at any time. See what is going on here. Complete control.

Why would anyone be so evil that they want to destroy our jobs, economy, and constitution? Because the United States is what keeps the current world order in place. In order to introduce this massive change, they need to push this agenda forward. It’s extensive and it is their plan. You will see.

There is one man that stands in its way. His name is Donald John Trump. Why do you think the entire deep state has been against him? He is stalling this rollout and pushing back against their nefarious plans. And we need to get behind him!

A vote for globalist Joe Biden is a vote for another lockdown and our demise as a nation. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for “The Great Reset”–a dark winter and the evil agenda of the New World Order.

So much is at stake.

Everything is at stake.

We have to ALL vote today!


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