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A Debate Like None Other…

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Blog, Web | 0 comments

Tonight, we saw just how much is at stake this November. President Trump had to debate both Chris Wallace and Joe Biden in the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. Joe Biden acts as though he cares about you and me, but he is nothing less than a complete sham and pawn of the deep-state. He would thrust America into a new dark age and we have so much to be praying about.

Just today, and over the last few days, bombshell information has come out about Joe Biden and his son Hunters dealings in Ukraine and with a Russian mayor—-to the tune of millions of dollars. Also, very corrupt dealings with China are ongoing. We should be calling Joe Biden “China Joe” because that is who he really is.

Pastor Todd gives his feedback here

This is only the surface! Now we are finding out that Hillary Clinton and Former President Obama were behind the fake Russian collusion story that dominated the world news cycle for over two years. This same story also cost taxpayers upward of 30 million dollars. Not to mention that the dossier was actually obtained by the Clinton campaign from a Russian spy and confirmed Russian asset.

Alabama Local News - al.com

If you are a Christian and/or Patriot, here is what else is also at stake:

If you are a person who is even considering voting for Joe Biden…It’s very important we think about what this actually means for our country.

That vote means…

1. You support the killing of babies, not just in the womb, but also after they are born. Democrats have supported the barbaric practice of “infanticide”.

2. You are ok with defunding police departments all around the country. Despite the very high spike in murder rates and crime due to recent defunding efforts, you are willing to believe the narrative that somehow this is a good idea and ok with this being rolled out nationally.

3. You are ok with the “green new deal”, even though the implementation of this plan would bankrupt our nation, introduce massive tax hikes, and most likely hasten an economic collapse.

4. You don’t care that you will be supporting communist China and reversing any progress that President Trump has made in level-setting the very unfair and imbalanced trade deals, deficit, and currency war. The democrat party is in alignment with China and supports the policy which has led to the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world from West to East.

5. You will be supporting those who openly have supported and funded the very people who have burned down our cites and looted our businesses these last few months. These businesses are owned by people of all races, colors, and creeds.

Democratic debates scheduled for 2020: Next presidential DNC …

6. You will be supporting those who ignore the largest danger to our children (next to abortion) which is the global sex trafficking network. If you vote our president out, this will once again go ignored and all of the progress in taking down this massive dragnet of corruption will cease—including the war on the cartels.

7. The swamp in DC and around the country will cease to be “drained” but instead will be re-populated bigger, bolder, and more deeply entrenched than ever before. The deep state will have won as their globalist puppet candidate will have gained full control of our government once again.

8. They will make Washington DC a state to further secure their ability to win in future elections. They will reconfigure voting law around the country. They will most likely work to eliminate the electoral college. They will eliminate the filibuster and look to gain a supermajority like in California.

9. They will come after religious liberties and freedoms. They will make much of what we are seeing happen in California right now, happen nationally. They will make certain Biblical beliefs to be made out as “hate” speech. They will force churches to hire people that conflict with their values. They will force churches to pay for so-called “health-related” matters that go against their values.

10. Free speech will be limited. Censoring will increase. The PC culture, mob mentality, and cancel culture will continue at a much faster pace. It will come after you!

11. They will raise taxes across the board and increase entitlements and overall government obligations. They will increase the size of the government as a whole.

12. There will be a massive surveillance state. They will use data and the current collection information they have to target certain individuals through the IRS and by other means. Religious organizations will be under tremendous scrutiny. People who challenge the narrative will be targeted and arrested.

13. They want to take away the nonprofit tax exemption. This will result in many religious institutions having to shut down.

14. They will deplete the military once again. They will weaken the United States and pivot to globalization and United Nations control.

15. These are the people who literally shout, “no borders, no wall, no USA at all”. They mean it! They will allow for open borders and a massive influx of people, who will also further strain and eventually collapse our system.

16. These are the people who support those who burn our flag and oppose our national anthem. What you see in sports organizations will become the norm in all aspects of society.

17. These are the people who have pushed for draconian measures against our freedoms and liberties these last few months. Small businesses are their enemy. They prefer large corporations that are aligned with their PC and social justice values.

18. We will lose our right to bear arms. This is the one thing that has been protecting those whose homes and communities have been overtaken by rioters and provocateurs. They have been open about their intentions here.

19. These are the people who openly support Marxist organizations and the destabilization of the United States through NGOs. This will increase on a massive scale.

20. They will make vaccines mandatory. Especially the coronavirus vaccine.

These are just a few of many things that will happen if the globalists regain control. These are very dangerous times and it’s important that we understand the very urgent and defining moment we are in as a nation.

Each of the things mentioned above can be verified and shown. Please pray about your vote. It truly is a matter of life and death for this nation!

Please help us in the fight! We are in the fight of our lives. We need your support!


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